1-17-21 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr Roundup.

Good night innernets.

Say hello to our new foster – this is Canasta (we are going with a card-game theme; the litter as a whole will be known as the Cardsharks.) Although she doesn’t look hugely pregnant we’re pretty sure she is (and yes, we DID think the same with Moira Rose. GUESS WE’LL SEE!) She’s a very friendly, sweet, goofy girl who has a taste for catnip toys and wants nothing – NOTH. ING. – to do with any ding dang Charlie cat. We think she’s about 18 months old, and did I mention she’s sweet? She is indeed.

Watching Canasta eat breakfast this morning, I realized that Moira Rose did NOT have a pregnant cat’s appetite. Canasta hoovered down her plate of canned food and came to let me know that if there was more, she would be happy to dispose of it for me.

Good night innernets. (Canasta has a snuggle)

Update on Julius (big brother to former fosters Piper (Dynamo) and Freddie (Onion Ring)) :⁠

Update on my sweet orange man. 🧡⁠

After spending the weekend at the ER clinic for monitoring and fluids, I dropped him off at his regular vet this morning where he spent the day for the same. Last time he blocked, the longest and hardest road to recovery was getting him to eat afterwards. If you’ll notice in one of the pics, the boy is eating. 🙏😭🧡 he didn’t for a few days but he has started to as of yesterday evening all on his own. Well, with a little help from mommy and daddy and an appetite stimulant. But no forced tube feedings like we had to do last time. ⁠

As long as he keeps up what he’s doing and continues to eat a little more until he reaches necessary daily nutrition, he shouldn’t have to. Your thoughts, prayers, and good vibes are working and I am asking that you PLEASE keep it up 🧡🙏 ⁠

He has been such a snuggly lap kitty tonight and he just wants to be held and to sit on top of mama. He’s also trying to groom his backside (he has a catheter in) but can only reach his foot due to the cone, so he has a very clean footsie. He gets his catheter removed in the morning and will spend (hopefully his last) day at the vet to make sure he is peeing, eating, and doing well. ⁠

He MUST stay on prescription urinary food ONLY for the rest of his life. No treats (unless they are Rx), no sneaking human food, no nothing. It will be very hard to deny the baby but I can’t see him go through this again. Twice is enough. Hopefully being very strict will keep it from ever happening again.⁠

We have had lots of bills and another full day at the vet tomorrow so we are still taking donations. After buying our house in October, having to replace the whole heating/air system in November, my cancer treatment and us both having COVID in December, our bank account is struggling lol.⁠

GoFundMe link
Venmo: @Katelyn-Mason-8⁠

We are once again humbled by the kindness, love, well wishes, and donations sent our way and want to thank each of you from the bottom of our hearts. Julius is grateful too. 🧡

It’s #Toesday, so here’s your look at Canasta’s multi-colored beans!

Good night innernets. (Canasta)

“Ohhhhh yeah, that’s the spot!” Canasta gets a scritch from Fred.

An update on Sophie (who needed emergency surgery when her colon ruptured during a routine procedure).⁠

From Crystal: Just an update for you. Sophie is recovering from surgery pretty well. She hates being in a dog crate away from me and her cat sister (Chloe). But she’s been a real fighter and ready to be active again. In her times out of cage, I’m having to remind her not to run or jump. ⁠

Unfortunately, the mass they removed was an aggressive cancer. We start chemo in a week (another bill I am dreading). But I can’t imagine not doing everything I can for her. They said even with chemo, she probably only has 6-9 months left. Which was devastating news. I’m trying to be thankful that the mass didn’t rupture at home and that I get to have more time with her. Chloe and Sophie have been with me for 15 years and I can’t imagine my life without her. Hopefully, the vet is wrong and the tumor doesn’t come back. ⁠

Please thank all of your readers for their kind donations. I am completely overwhelmed by how generous this cat community has been to my little Sophie. I will never forget it. Such a reminder that there are really good people out there. And thank you for sharing Sophie with everyone too. ⁠

I’ve attached a couple of photos of Sophie in her recovery gear.

YouTube link
Canasta on the move. Her playful side is coming out!

Good night innernets. (Canasta, the lap cat.)

Canasta seems very pleased with herself this morning.

Throwback Thursday, from 2018. It was dinner time, but Gauge couldn’t get over how darn good-looking he was! (Ryder and her Fleet.)

Throwback Thursday, from 2014: brown tabby Mooch and his foster sibling brother Grant. This litter of kittens – the Cheez Doodles – were very leap-y!

Throwback Thursday: I had my camera set to “panoramic” and didn’t realize it, and this picture – of King Nubs (formal foster name: Pharrell) makes me laugh every time I see it. King Nubs/Pharrell was an add-in to the Coaches litter in 2015.

“Go on, lady. You know you wanna!” The belly is a trap (that I fall for every time)!

Throwback Thursday. The picture I posted earlier of Grant and Mooch from the Cheez Doodles litter made me think of this great picture of permanent resident Dennis and foster Gilbert. The gleeful open mouth on Gilbert and the resigned Ears of Annoyance on Dennis make me smile. Dennis was so good with the fosters; I bet he and Charlie would have been the best of friends. (We lost Dennis in 2017.)

Good night innernets. (Permanent resident Khal, who is magnificent.)

“Excuse you, lady, tryin’ to nap here.” (Canasta)

Good night innernets. (I swear Canasta really did leave this bed today, but she looks so content curled up in it that I had to share another picture of her in it!)

Canasta has decided that as long as Charlie doesn’t get too close, he’s not worth worrying about.

Remember Clyde and his sister Jasmine (formerly Cutey), the add-ins to the Fluffles litter (Bunny’s litter)? Here they are today, looking SO GROWN UP! ❤️ (Thanks, Jodi!)

Good night innernets. ❤️ (Canasta)


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  1. I love all the updates! And Malcolm and I are sending good vibes to all of the cone-heads (!) – he’s particularly taken with Julius (I guess orange bros stick together).

    Oh, it must be heaven having Canasta snuggle up with you like that…she looks so soft and huggable.