1-18-21 Monday

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The Facebook page for Peanut (formerly Fritter) and Pretzel is now up and running – go join and follow here!


I love her goofy little face (I was waving a packing strap around in the air for her to bat at.)

“Where’d it goooo?”

“Keepin’ an eye on you, lady.”

Sleepy girl.

Over the weekend Canasta’s belly really seemed to expand. And literally overnight her nipples went from light, pale pink to dark pink. I generally watch the nipples on my pregnant mama cats as closely as they’ll let me, and I don’t think I remember the color change happening so quickly. I was able to put my hand on her belly for about a minute one day – Saturday, I think – and while I might have felt the very faintest of movement from within, it wasn’t necessarily a kitten. Could’ve been gas. I’m not seeing any movement yet, so I’m going to guess we’ve got another week or two to go.


Well-Pict indeed. I put this box on the floor momentarily so I could finish putting groceries away, and Archie claimed it. So I guess it stays there forever. I should know better.


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1-18-21 Monday — 9 Comments

  1. Pretty pretty Canasta. Can’t wait to see what kind of babies she’s got in there! I’m sure I’m not the only one.

  2. You know, anyone not familiar with your blog would read that last paragraph on Canasta with all the talk of nipples and how it may be gas and be given a pass for not realizing that Canasta is a cat and not a twist on your Wednesday night card game.