1-9-23 Monday

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This sweet boy is Parker.

Parker was rescued by Forgotten Felines of Huntsville volunteer Lauren; he’d been discarded in a parking lot in Tennessee like so much garbage, due likely to the fact that he had a hernia that required surgery. He was just 10 weeks old. With lots of love and care, he recovered and became a sweet, friendly, playful kitten.

And then he developed FIP. (You may remember that our sweet foster Ian passed away from FIP earlier this year.) The only treatment for FIP is an expensive antiviral, and this is where help is needed. If you can possibly donate to help fund Parker’s FIP treatment, please either click on his picture up there or on this link right here to see his GoFundMe. Every little bit helps, of course, and if you can please share the GoFundMe, I’d appreciate it so much.

Your good thoughts for Parker are also always, always appreciated. ❤❤❤


I love Linzer’s serious little face.

Linzer gets her thlurrrp on.

Cinnaspin is always judging me.


Francesca feelin’ thlurrrpy in the sunshine.

Francesca has the MOST beautiful eyes.

Francesca and Nacho are all “What?” (Please note Kim in the background on the recliner, thinking “Yeah, YOU keep ’em occupied for a while.”)

A girl and her green bean.

Churu? What Churu?


Of all our permanent residents, Jake is the only one who actively seeks out the company of his siblings and will snuggle up to them. They always tolerate him pretty well (until they don’t, in which case a smack gets Jake moving along to another permanent resident.) Charlie’s face in this picture makes me think there’s a smack with Jake’s name on it in the near future.


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NO ONE EATS ALONE. (Cinnaspin, left, and Linzer)

Nacho the little rebel doesn’t even CARE that it’s not Thlurrrpsday, she’s gonna thlurrrp when she wants to.

YouTube link
Everyone else is napping, but Nacho’s just not all that tired. (Also, she needed a BOOP or two.)

I love this picture so very much (that you can’t see all of Nacho makes it even better, I think.)

YouTube link
It’s play time for the Cookie girls. (That track toy is VERY interesting to them. Imagine how excited they’ll be when they get to the foster room and see the other track toy!)

Cinnaspin the poser. (The toilet in the background really adds to the classy ambiance, don’t you think?)

Good night innernets. (Kim Wexler)⁠

Linzer would like breakfast in bed, please and thank you.

Still available for adoption are sisters Francesca (left) and Nacho (right.) They are just over 5 months old, and once their mother goes home in a few days, they will be heading to Petsmart to see if that’s where their people are hanging out since apparently they’re not hanging out on social media.⁠

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I can’t get the kittens to jump for toys any more (I guess they find it boring?), and Francesca keeps mama clean.

I tossed a couple of toys in that box, and it has Linzer and Cinnaspin COMPLETELY befuddled.

Good night innernets. (Kim Wexler)

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The Cookie Girls purr, purr, purrrr. These sweet snuggly girls are just the SWEETEST.

Sittin’ in the cat tree, watchin’ the birds. (Francesca, left, and Nacho.)

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Kim still loves to play, in case you wondered!

Linzer and Cinnaspin are all “Watchin’ you, lady.”

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Poor Nacho – the slow sneak to the milk bar gets her NOWHERE, but that doesn’t stop her from giving it the ol’ college try.

YouTube link
A little jumping, a little running, all in slow motion. (I love seeing Frannie run in slow motion.)

Good night innernets. (Cinnaspin & Linzer)


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