1-5-23 Thursday

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Francesca’s keeping an eye on something (I think I’d rolled a toy across the floor. She was waiting to see if it did something.)

Nacho’s lookin’ guilty.

Francesca and her blue mouse, atop the cat tree. I love her little smile.

Nacho’s all “No, I’m not waiting for you to step away from your desk so I can steal a pen. Nope, not me!”

Look at Kim’s sweet little face. Totally fresh and ready!


In case you were concerned, the Cookie girls figured out Churu IMMEDIATELY.

And they declared it YUMMY.

Then we had a snuggle.


Charlie’s giving me the grumpy face.


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Linzer (back) and Cinnaspin keep their eyes on the feather teaser.

Francesca (front) and Nacho are going to stay in bed and play with those toys all day, I guess.

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Cinnaspin was hanging out with me purring, and she suddenly realized that Linzer was eating and NO ONE EATS ALONE IN THIS ROOM, so she had to go check it out and get a few bites for herself.

Linzer wonders what I’m doing.

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Slow motion kittens. The girls weren’t feeling particularly leap-y, so it’s a short one.

Kim Wexler gives me the face of “Seriously, lady?”

Good night innernets. (Linzer, back, and Cinnaspin)


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