1-5-17 Thursday

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You remember, I am sure, Lucy’s kitten Shecky? Here, here are a few random reminders of what that little muffin looked like NEARLY two years ago.

Oh, kill me why dontcha.


Such a little nut.

Well, he’s gotten bigger, but he hasn’t changed. John shared these pictures of Gir Shecky the other night – how ADORABLE is that boy?

Just so PLEASED with himself.

John reported that Gir Shecky is the kitty in charge of his morning routine, leading him from one task to the next. Look, someone’s gotta make sure the train runs on time, right?

Thanks for letting me share, John (and be sure to give that boy a kiss from me)!


“I’ve got it! I’ve got it!”

“Maybe I don’t…”

“No yep, yep, I’ve got it!”


She got it!

She’s also got the Cat’s Meow!

(That toy is always super fascinating to just about every cat who has seen it, but it takes them about 10 seconds to understand that they can just sit on the arm and stop it from moving around. Also, it’s gotten some pretty bad reviews on Amazon.)

The last of my Willa pictures will be up tomorrow!


Pardon me, Dewey, you’re a LITTLE young to be giving me the Ears of Annoyance already!

Looking guilty because he’s in Archie’s favorite bed.


I love getting mid-yawn pictures.

I also love getting them at the end of the yawn, they look especially goofy. (That’s Dennis, making goofy look gorgeous.)


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1-5-17 Thursday — 9 Comments

  1. Oh Willa!!!! You are already missed!!! Have a happy life!

    That toy does get some bad reviews, but we bought some for our shelter cats, and they all enjoy it. My dad bought one for his cat, tied a lightweight feather on the tip….and it was the cat’s meow!

    A while back everyone was talking about their favorite litter scoopers. I didn’t know the name of mine….I have had it for YEARS. I think it has been slightly modified since but looks mostly the same. The DuraScoop Cat Litter Scoop’s handle is rubber covered (mine is black) and it has never torn or anything. LOVE IT. It is made of aluminum and the handle is metal all the way up, so for those who complained about their handles busting through the cover because it wasn’t full core, here is your solution. The only complaint someone had was that it pitted and broke up. HOWEVER, it appears that they soaked it in a bleach solution. Bleach + aluminum = a NO-NO. ANYWAY, they now make it in colorful handles, I just ordered my second one Jet.com and it is retro-green. (Am buying a second one to keep up in my little cabin in the mountains.)

    https://jet.com/search?term=durascoop%20cat%20litter%20scoop&category=11000021 I paid $11.47.

    Now, for free shipping, I bought Precious Cat Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Scented Scoopable Multi-Cat Cat Litter, 40 Pound bag. The more you buy, the cheaper it gets. SOOOOO, I bought three bags and ended up paying $13.98 a bag! Compare that to PetSmart ($16.99 a bag), baby!!! (And it is $23.68 a bag on Amazon and $16.69 on Chewy.)

    Also, for new customers, there is a Welcome15 coupon code that you can use for your first three orders that takes off an additional 15% (prices above reflect this, I do believe.) The Triple15 expired Jan 1st. I have a new email account as I was a victim of the Yahoo email hacking, and Jet still accepted me as a new customer! 🙂

  2. SHECKY FIERCE!!! Oh, that boy had my heart from the beginning!!! So very nice to kick off the new year with a GIR Update and to see how well he’s doing – – Thank you for sharing! Willa… her hoomins didn’t wait long, and I don’t blame them! She’s lovely… Dewey… oh, Dewey… Dewey, Dewey, Cutie Patootey!!!!!! and Dennis…. SWOOOOOOOOOOON! Happy Friday eve, everyone!

  3. I bought the Cat’s Meow toy for my cats for Christmas. I bring it out for about 20-30 minutes every morning and I have one cat who isn’t terribly interested but my other cat will cry at the closet door until I bring it out and then play the entire time the toy is out. I guess, like all toys, it depends on the cat. I spent a little extra to buy the version with a USB rechargable battery so hopefully it lasts a long time. I’m a little concerned about the life of the wand, but I have a handy husband and I think he could make a replacement if we need it.

  4. I HATE seeing former fosters so stressed! Gir Shecky looks like a liquid cat he’s so relaxed.

    Thank you John, for understanding that special kitties have the right to rule our lives. He looks so gorgeous and buff!

  5. While we’re posting about cat deals, Coupaw.com has those great wool cuddly caves for cats on sale for $37.95! That is as low a price as I’ve seen for the wool caves.

  6. It’s always a treat to get an update on former fosters. That first kitten picture of (Gir) Shecky is almost too cute. Thanks to his dad for sharing!

    I’m very glad that Willa was adopted so quickly. I always worry a bit more about the older cats as well as the black ones. Congratulations to her new family and I hope they will have many happy years together.

    Dewey is such a lucky little furball. It looks like Stefan may not be the best role model, though. 🙂