1-4-17 Wednesday

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I dropped Willa off at Petsmart last night right before adoption hours began, and an hour later Kathie sent out the email…

She’ll stay at Petsmart ’til Thursday evening, and her family will pick her up then. She’ll have a dog to play with and boss around. I suspect she’ll be very, very happy.

She cracked me up when I dropped her off, because once she was in her cage she sniffed around, looked at the toys and then posed oh-so-prettily on the scratcher in front of the window and started talking to people walking by. Not for one moment was she scared – which was no surprise to me! She is one confident monkey.


Willa looks like she’s about to paint your portrait, doesn’t she? Willa: the Life of an Artist.


A loony feather-teaser-loving Artist. Those TEEF.

“Ess-SCUSE me, track toy, you wanna give me a little room, here?”

“That toy is so RUDE.”

“Always up in my space. Now, about that feather teaser…”

I love how the ear floof looks like action lines. She is SUCH a pretty girl.


It was 10 years ago today that I first posted about Joe Bob (then Moonman), who was our foster for a while and then went up for adoption; we ultimately adopted him about a year later, after we said goodbye to Spot.

And it was 6 years ago today that I first posted about Alice, who was tiny and grungy and scared, but well on her way to falling in love with Fred.

Time flies, doesn’t it?


“What? Am hangin’ with my bro. IS THAT OKAY WITH YOU?!”

Dewey certainly loves to curl up on that bed with his big brudder and snooze the day away.


I have said many times over the years that Maxi has the dead, flat gaze of a serial killer or a Tony Soprano, and I’m oddly pleased to see that that still holds true. In fact, 10 years after we first spotted her, I think her gaze has become even more malevolent.


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1-4-17 Wednesday — 16 Comments

  1. I couldn’t be more happier for Willa….however, I am not surprised. That girl could lure anyone into her web. I hope her and her new doggy sibling become BFFs fast! Best wishes, Willa!!!

  2. Delighted to hear that Willa was adopted right away:-) Who could possibly resist this beauty?!

    • I think it’s a tie – Ralph from the Grocers was adopted within an hour of arriving at Petsmart (of course, that doesn’t include the two sets of siblings who were adopted from the Fakers litter – they were pretty much pre-adopted, we were just doing the final paperwork).

      The interesting thing is that two different people expressed interest in Willa beforehand, but the people who actually adopted her were neither of those!

  3. Way to go Willa! You knew exactly who to charm at just the right moment. Enjoy your happy new life!

    Lol Maxi. She does have that flat “I-will-cut-you-without-hesitation-bitch” stare.

  4. Ha! I love that Willa was so confident (and kooky). I hope her & her canine minion…errr…. brother have plenty of fun together.

    I am overjoyed that Stefan now has a friend and I look forward to many pictures of Dewey and his bro hanging out together!

    • I can’t imagine Stefan NOT having friends; I know my guys would love to have a big ol’ friendly orangey Uncle to have around. Although I know some of the other Permanent Residents think he’s a dweeb, he’s just a great big stuffed bear of a kitty who’s going to be a great influence on Dewey!

  5. Hahaha, Maxi, the gaze, a serial killer!! Priceless, I totally see it!! Woo hoo for Willa, love happy stories!!

  6. Hahaha, Maxi, the gaze, a serial killer!! Priceless, I totally see it!! Woo hoo for Willa, love happy stories!!