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So, the new girl. Here’s her story (here’s the story, of a lovely lady…):

On December 16th (Thursday), I was scooping litter boxes when Fred came through the door. He’d walked out onto the side porch, and as he did, a small shape ran down the steps and toward the front of the house.

“I think that’s a kitten!” he thought to himself. “Or maybe a small possum.” Then he followed the small shape to the porch at the front of the house. By the time he made it to the front of the house, the small shape – definitely a kitten – had settled in the heated cat house on the front porch. When she saw him come closer, she darted out of the house, paused at the other end of the porch, meowed at him, and then ran under the huge boxwood on that side of the house.

He came inside to get a flashlight and tell me about her, and I put on a jacket and followed him out. She was still under the boxwood, and we circled around the bush until we could get a good look at her. She appeared to be a little bigger than Marcia Brady, and we called and talked to her, but she was supremely disinterested in what we had to say. We couldn’t reach her, because she was so far under the bush.

Fred went off to find a trap, and I stayed and kept an eye on her. We discussed where to put the trap and what to bait it with (mackerel, of course). Finally, he set it on the front porch, put a big plate of mackerel inside, and we went to Blockbuster to rent some movies.

By the time we got home, she was inside the trap.

It’s my own personal rule that cats do not come inside the house until they’ve been tested, so Fred set up a heat lamp in the blue coop (the first coop he built, which used to be our chicken coop until he built the big one in the back forty), and we put food, water, and a litter box out there for her. She was one scared little girl, and kept going into the nest boxes to hide. The real trouble came when we wanted to put Advantage on her (I didn’t see any fleas, but that’s another rule of mine, and so far we seem to be flea-free in the house), and she was so wild we couldn’t get hold of her.

Friday morning, we got her in a carrier, put her in the garage, and dismantled the nesting boxes. We moved everything out of there so that when we were done, there was nowhere for her to hide. She seemed less frantic than the night before and allowed Fred to pet her a few times, but she didn’t really like it. When we went into the coop and sat down, she’d run over to the corner and glare at us. Fred went out there a lot and spent a lot more time with her than I did because he has a love for the intense, crazy-eyed girl cats (examples: Kara. Maxi. Stinkerbelle.) I wanted to get her up to the vet for testing, but Fred preferred that instead of traumatizing her, we wait a few days and I could take her on Monday.

By Saturday evening, she was letting Fred pet her.

By Sunday evening, she was letting him hold her for brief periods of time. I had Fred take the scale out to the coop and weigh her. She weighed 2 pounds, 11 ounces, which was only a few ounces more than Marcia. We guessed that she was probably 10 weeks old, or thereabouts.

Monday I took her to the vet and dropped her off for testing. The shelter manager happened to stop by the vet’s, and took a look at her. She called me.

“She’s six months old,” she said. She suggested I take a look at the Bradys’ teeth and then look at the new kitten’s teeth for comparison purposes.

When I brought her home from the vet’s office, we installed her in the downstairs bathroom. She stayed in there exclusively for several days, and then Fred started moving her to the guest bedroom – so she’d have room to run around – during the day, and then put her back in the bathroom at night. Last week, after getting the okay from the shelter manager, we introduced her to the Bradys.

It’s so hard to believe, given her size, that she’s more than twice as old as they are. She’s bigger than they are, but not by much. She doesn’t hesitate to wield the Paw o’ Doom if they get too close, and Cindy is a little afraid of her. The more time she spends around them, the more comfortable they all are, though, so I’m hoping that they’ll end up as friends.

I named her Alice Nelson because, well, we already had a Brady Bunch theme going on – she’s certainly not the motherly type, and I couldn’t think of any other Brady names (though I did suggest Kitty Karryall – Cindy’s doll – to Fred).

She’s still a tiny thing, but she’s got a definite appetite and loves her snack time. When we had the Bradys spayed and neutered last Thursday, Alice went and was spayed, too.

I took pictures of her introduction to the Bradys, of course, and I’ll share those in tomorrow’s post.

We asked around, and of course no one who lives around here has any idea who she is. Given her age, Fred thinks it’s likely that she’s from the same litter Martin came from. I’m pretty sure, given how quickly she came around and allowed Fred (and eventually, me) to pet her, she has definitely been around people before (Fred, of course, would prefer to believe that he’s a magic feral kitten wrangler, but I DO NOT BELIEVE that a feral 6 month-old kitten would come around that quickly. Ergo, she’s been around people!)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Have I perhaps mentioned that Peter Brady is one beautiful boy?

Greg’s not so bad, either.

Jan and her huge ears.

Marcia Marcia Marcia!

Bobby’s tail across Marcia’s eyes cracks me up.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



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  1. I do believe that Fred has a magical touch….it’s probably his big, kind, gentle heart! 🙂

  2. Awwww my goodness!! Alice Nelson! Look how scared she was in the first pics – all hunched and glary eyed!! Thank you lovely Fred and Robyn for taking her in!! Of course she’s someone’s abandoned kitty. They never start out as feral (IMHO!!!)!! Poor baby!!! But that’s all over now and she’s safe and above all loved!! Yay!!

    Hello gorgeous Bradys and Slurpy Kitty!! 🙂 Take care

  3. You do realise, of course, that the local Cats’ Council have put notices up all round your house saying (in pee-mail messages) “Cats’ Refuge”.

    • Reply to myself: You idiot! You forgot to say what a gorgeous little lady Alice is; similar colouring to the mother of my old boy; she produce him, black and white, two tortie girls and a wite with black patches girl, all long gone now but never forgotten.

  4. Fred and My Hubby must be from the same human litter…he’s magic with kittens too. Scouty is our only failure of all the felines that have moved in with us over the years. Alice is a doll, she’s gonna be a petite gal with a BIG attitude, I just know it!

  5. Good on you to take in this starving and scared little girl. I agree with your assessment that Fred’s magical abilities only go so far, although you may want to keep in mind that guys who care that much about little critters are a rare occurrence!

    Happy New Year!

    • I love how Alice has black eyeliner around one eye, making it look huge in comparison to the other. It’s like she was in the middle of applying her makeup and got distracted with something else.

      P.S. Are the Bookworms there to stay, as is their desire? Did their bro’s get adopted yet?

      • Doodle Bean: Oh, I’m well aware how lucky I am. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be married to someone who doesn’t love cats as much as I do! 🙂 (And Happy New Year!)

        Susan: Reacher, Rhyme, and Corbie are what we’re calling “long term fosters.” That is, they’ll stay here as long as need be. Buster was adopted by someone who happened to see his picture (at the adoption center, there’s a book with all the cats who are available for adoption, and the Bookworms are in there) and fell in love with him. I’m hoping the same happens with the other three! As it is, I can’t imagine sending Reacher and Corbie to the adoption center because Reacher’s so terrified of strangers (when the doorbell rings, he runs and hides behind the dryer) that he shook the entire time he was at the adoption center, and Corbie (who’s thin to start with) dropped weight that he still hasn’t regained. And they were only there for a week! Since I can’t imagine sending Rhyme to the adoption center by himself (even though I think he’d be okay), he’ll stay here for the time being, too.

        Boy, I can go on about those cats, can’t I? 🙂

  6. Aw, Alice is beautiful! I love her crooked little face.

    It’s been way too long since I’ve been by. My New Year’s resolution: More Love and Hisses visits! 🙂 Hope you all had a great new year and holidays!

  7. Robyn, I can go on about my kitties too! Get me going at a party and it’s all I’ll talk about for the next hour!

    It’s fascinating to me that the poor girl is less than three pounds but six months old. My own kitty was rescued at about 9 months to a year old, and I think she had been living on the streets for some time by then because she was pretty small (5 pounds or so) and VERY thin. She’s stayed a bit smaller than other cats since then (9 pounds now) and maybe that’s why. (Although next to my foster kittens, she looks enormous!)

    The vet said she was probably born on the street but given her DESIRE to be rescued (she was lying on the sidewalk in a rainstorm meowing pitifully) I have to believe she was brought up indoors, at least until she was a couple of months old. I just can’t see a street cat being that friendly. She is shy, but by no means aggressive towards humans and she settled in to our apartment in no time. She HATES the foster kittens, though. She wants me and my roommate all to herself!

    I love Jan’s huge bat-ears! And Alice’s transformation from ANGRY KITTY to friendly kitty is adorable.

  8. Awww, yay Alice! Welcome to the good life. 🙂 I have this crazy image of Alice and Lieu of the Rescuees having a conversation about what it’s like being new kitty in the litter, better late than never. *giggling*