1-5-16 Tuesday

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Here are the last of the Adele and Pink pictures – well, unless I take some more today! I’ll be headed off to Petsmart with them this evening, and hopefully they’ll go home soon (and preferably together). I had originally told Susan that I thought they should go into separate cages, because Adele can get pretty rough and I didn’t want Pink to be bullied. Then I watched them playing yesterday morning, and realized that Pink can very well hold her own. Also, Adele really REALLY doesn’t like to be alone, so I think having Pink in the cage with her will help keep her calm.

Floomp, sound asleep. And yes, that is a bit of tongue sticking out of her mouth. Silly girl!

Just so PLEASED with herself. Spanky used to give me this exact look when he was feeling pleased.

Alice (on the washstand) is all “Oh, is she LEAVING? Why, that’s a pity. I’ll miss her so.”

Smug little Pink.

Floomp’s toe floof. Isn’t that amazing?

Floomp hoped that sitting too close to Dennis would cause him to wake up and vacate that window bed so she could claim it for herself. Didn’t work, though; Dennis slept on.

The Squeezy Eyes of Lurve.

Adele points the Ears of Annoyance at Pink, who has the upper paw.

Pink, in Alice’s favorite bed. Alice was in a STATE the other night – Pink was in her favorite bed and Archie and Stefan were in the beds on the dining room table. I finally had to move Pink so Alice could have her bed back.


The Coaches – especially Levine, at least on this day – are big fans of the feather teaser.

BIG fans.

Stefani is usually right in the middle, leaping for the teaser with wild abandon (see the video below), but she must have been sleepy this day.

That Levine, such a little showboat.


Video! The Coaches, bouncing up after the feather teaser (on a different day than the day the pictures above were taken). They sure do love that thing, have I mentioned?

YouTube link.


King Nubbs (aka Pharrell) is doing well. He sure does purr like crazy.

He also loves a good belly rub!

Pretty, pretty boy.

Sunday night I put him in my bathroom for the night, so he’d have more room to run around. I was super careful when I set the bathroom up for him – I put the trash can outside the room, I put towels in the tub and outside the tub, so he could get into the tub if he wanted, and out if he preferred that. I set up his little cave with his stuffed kitty for company. I put all the bottles that usually sit around the sink in the sink so that if he got up there, he couldn’t knock stuff onto the floor.

When I walked into the bathroom the next morning, he had helpfully pointed out that I’d forgotten to tuck the end of the toilet paper roll in. He’d gleefully strewn an entire roll from one end of the bathroom to the other, and then made a nest and napped in it. Such a benevolent, helpful king.


I love that pretty girl, but she sure does have the flat, dead Tony Soprano eyes. (That’s Maxi, in case you didn’t already know.) (And funny enough, I mentioned that at the end of 2010’s post, too. So basically, nothing has changed!)


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1-5-16 Tuesday — 20 Comments

  1. OH my gosh, the round little tummy in the half out of the shot jumping kitten picture! So cute!!!

    Are you kidding me? Are you KIDDING me??? No picture of the toilet paper nest?? No picture of a kitten proudly sitting amidst his tp creation?? Who trained you? LOL (seriously, no picture? lock him in again tonight and get a picture tomorrow. kthxbye 😉 )

  2. LOL I have to agree with Andrea: no pix?? 🙂
    We also had toilet paper enthusiast kitties in our household, and sometimes we would forget this. The most unfortunate example I recall was when we hurriedly shut the cat in the bathroom because furniture delivery guys kept leaving the front door open and we didn’t want the cat to get outside. Not knowing how long it would be, I put the cat’s water dish just inside the bathroom before closing the door. What I didn’t realize at the time was that I had also managed to put the water dish directly beneath the toilet paper roll on the wall. SOMEBODY got to clean up a big soggy mess later!

    • Oh, I’ve been there! I bet that even if the water bowl hadn’t been right under the toilet paper roll, they would have managed to dip some into the water. 🙂

  3. I do believe Pink thinks SHE deserves the PINK bed. Alice may need to be challenged ever so often. Keeps her humble. Until she runs to her daddy to get help.

  4. OKAY. I need a warning next time. I literally SPIT coffee on my keyboard this morning at the end of that video.

    I almost didn’t watch it but I really have nothing going on at work right now and thought, “What the hell. Bouncing kitties are always cute.” and then BAM! LEVINE DID HIS THING.

    It was entirely unexpected, and I ptui’d (you see what I did there?) my java involuntarily. NO FAIR!

    • My Billy, eight months old, has an instinct to grab and run away with things. Clean, folded towels, hubby’s socks, even undies out of the laundry basket. He may get only a few feet away with his prize, but he’s gonna run!

      • My Figaro is always running off with toys once he catches them. I think it’s hilarious!

  5. Our Rufio was a very proficient toilet paper unroller. TC (Thunderclap Newman) is proudly following in Ruf’s pawsteps: we have to hide the toilet paper in bathroom cabinets. Leaving it on the dispenser always results in toilet paper stock prices rising!

    • Did you try turning it over? So the end comes under the bottom instead of over the top? That way if they paw at it it just spins but doesn’t unroll.

      • I know. I thought all cat people knew to put toilet paper on that way.

        Years ago we had Wheezer, who made us stop using paper towels. There was nowhere that she couldn’t find and kill them, other than to leave them in the car trunk which was a little inconvenient. My husband called her the tree hugger.

  6. Here’s a sentence I never thought I’d write: I’m enjoying the toilet-paper and paper-towel tales. As always, thanks for a great post, Robyn, not least for the pic of the Floomp’s floofitudinal foot and her hommage to Spanky.

  7. Love that little round airborne spotted belleh!

    and as for the toilet paper.. yet further proof that no matter how well you think you kitten proof things, kittens will prove you wrong.