10-4-21 Monday

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I got the call Friday morning that there was room at Petsmart for Molly Marinara, Alfie Alfredo, Christopher Chutney and Franco Fondue. Friday evening I delivered them – they were nervous but curious. And by the time I left, Molly was flirting through the cage with a passer-by. Adoption hours took place Saturday afternoon, but there were no applications for our Dippers.

We have been VERY spoiled these past few years, with all the fosters going from us straight to their new homes (the last fosters who went to Petsmart were Les Chatons kittens Henri, Josephine and Gabrielle in late 2019). This was bound to happen sooner or later – adoptions are a bit slower this time of year, and the right people just haven’t spotted these guys yet. Their people will come along, I’m sure of it. In the meantime, they have each other as comfort at Petsmart, and they’ll get a lot of love and attention from the volunteers. I will, of course, announce their adoptions when they happen.

In the meantime, Theo Pesto and Sofia Soy Sauce are here with us for a few more weeks until they go home (together.) They now have the run of the house, but they’ve mostly stuck to the upstairs. This isn’t unusual – as they get more comfortable they’ll come downstairs and explore. Theo Pesto and Jake had a hiss-off yesterday morning when Jake came strolling in to eat some kitten food. Charlie has been up to say hello a few times, and Newt came to check out the litter box and the food. Friday night they slept in the foster room, but the past couple of nights they slept with me – Sofia likes to curl up right next to me, and Theo will curl up next to me, then move away to stretch out, and then come back. (I love it when kittens sleep with me, but I suspect that after a few more days, when they realize there’s an entire downstairs to explore, they’ll abandon me. That’s what usually happens.)

Today’s pictures include the rest of the pictures I have of Molly Marinara and the boys (though I held a few back to post on social media this week.)

Theo Pesto, keeping an eye on me. (I love that you can see Christopher Chutney in the background, hanging out of the top of the little scratcher.)

Franco Fondue shows off the belly.

Franco Fondue, up close.


Giving Mama’s tail the ol’ chomperoo.

Franco Fondue gives Uncle Charlie the once-over.

Mama would like everyone to know that the kitten wings are particularly tasty at this age.

Nothing’s as comfortable as a basket that’s been turned upside-down and squashed, apparently.


Sofia Soy Sauce wonders why Molly Marinara keeps looking in the mirrors.

Molly Marinara and the Ears of Annoyance.

Hangin’ out.

Christopher Chutney and the Ears of Annoyance.

He is such a sweet boy.

Alfie Alfredo: also such a sweet boy.


Oh, that Charlie. Those stripes, that magic tabby toe. Gorgeous!


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Theo Pesto gives his toes the ol’ stretcheroo.

1 year ago we announced that we were adopting our foster Aramis, who immediately became Charles, Prince of Wails (Charlie, Charlie-Bear, Chuckleberry.) He takes up a lot more space in that ham-mick these days (funny how that happens). He spends his days hanging out with his brothers on the screened porch or outside, and his nights racing around like his butt is on fire, playing with Jake, Archie or Khal. He’s been the perfect addition to our permanent resident roster. ❤️

YouTube link
Alfie Alfredo & Franco Fondue are happy, happy boys.

Headed to Petsmart! Left to right: Alfie Alfredo, Christopher Chutney and Franco Fondue are outta here along with their mama Molly Marinara. They are going to Petsmart on University Drive here in Huntsville, Alabama. Adoption hours are taking place tomorrow (Saturday October 2nd) from noon to 4 pm. If you’re in the area, stop by and give ’em a snuggle (and oh, I don’t know – adopt them allll? A girl can dream!)⁠

Christopher Chutney’s all “Bye lady, and thanks for all the snuggles.”

Good night innernets. (Sofia Soy Sauce) (In case you missed it, Molly Marinara and Alfie Alfredo, Christopher Chutney and Franco Fondue went to Petsmart tonight. Sofia Soy Sauce and Theo Pesto are still here with us for a bit longer, and then they will go home together!)

Molly Marinara, Christopher Chutney, Alfie Alfredo and Franco Fondue are currently at Petsmart (on University Drive here in Huntsville, Alabama) and there will be an adoption counselor on site today (Saturday October 2nd) from noon to 4!⁠

PLEASE NOTE: I’m sorry I didn’t make this clear before now, I forgot that not everyone knows this: Although they are at Petsmart, they are still Forgotten Felines of Huntsville (FFHSV) cats. FFHSV will take/process/approve or deny applications. Petsmart provides the housing and the food, but everyone involved with their care and adoption are FFHSV volunteers. This is not me dumping them at Petsmart and “giving” them to Petsmart. This is still FFHSV all the way. If they are at Petsmart for too long, they’ll get a break for a few weeks before they return – they won’t be at Petsmart for life. I will, of course, announce it when they’re adopted. (When you adopt a cat/kitten at Petsmart, you are not adopting it from Petsmart, you’re adopting it from a rescue.)

Sofia Soy Sauce and Theo Pesto are explorin’. Mostly they come to the bottom of the stairs, hear a strange noise and turn tail and run back upstairs. They’re getting braver, though! (Uncle Charlie really wants to play, but the kittens aren’t ready for that just yet.)⁠

To answer the questions: I am sure they miss their mother and siblings, but they’re handling it well and are getting a lot of snuggles. They have the run of the house now and will until they go home (they are adoption pending and will be going home soonish, we are not keeping them).

Good night innernets! (Sofia Soy Sauce & Theo Pesto, who are staying with us for now because they are adoption pending – yes, together – and will be going home soon.)

Scrubbing down the foster room under the close eye of the snoopervisory committee (Theo Pesto is taking opportunity to check the quality of the track toy). (Sofia Soy Sauce and Theo Pesto are with us for a few more weeks; they are adoption pending and will be going home together.)

YouTube link
(This video was obviously made before Molly and the boys went to Petsmart on Friday.) First, Franco Fondue gave Uncle Charlie the ol’ snifferoo, and then Sofia Soy Sauce showed us that she can flyyy.

YouTube link
Hunting flies! Well, one fly. They never did get it, and I’m not sure where it ended up. But they were certainly entertained!

(This video is from before Molly Marinara, Alfie Alfredo, Christopher Chutney and Franco Fondue went to Petsmart on Friday, obviously).

Good night innernets. (Theo Pesto is an excellent sleeping companion.)


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