10-18-21 Monday

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That’s right, Sofia Soy Sauce stole Uncle Charlie’s Ham-mick, and she’s not sorry.

Theo Pesto and the ears of “We supposed to be nappin’, lady, not takin’ pictures.”


I asked Ozzy to talk to Carli and convince her that I’m not so bad… but it kinda looks like Carli’s the one who did the convincing. Ozzy’s all “You’re right, she DOES look weird and suspicious.”

Sammy enjoys an ear rub.

It’s a Barry in a basket.

And a Nikki on a tiny pink Adirondack chair.

Barry (left) and Nikki have a snuggle.

Ozzy and his mama.


It cooled off over the weekend, and Newt enjoyed the sunny cool weather.


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Breakfast is served! From top left and going clockwise we have: Carli Calcium, Nikki Nickel, Sammy Samarium, Ozzy Osmium, Ruthy Ruthenium and Barry Beryllium. (Mama Maddy Magnesium gets to eat up on the counter by the sink, so she doesn’t have to share.)

Look at the delightful belly spots on Nikki!

Sofia Soy Sauce and Theo Pesto enjoy the sun. (They are adoption pending and will be headed home on Wednesday (together.) If they weren’t bonded before, they are certainly a bonded pair now – total best friends, always together snuggling or playing. So SWEET.)

Four of the six! Way in the back is the skeptical Carli. In front of her is… I wanna say that’s Barry. In front of him is Nikki, and on the left is Ruthy. (I may have mixed up Barry and Ruthy, but I think I got them right.)

Good night innernets. (Carli Calcium, left, and Nikki Nickel make a comfy bed for Sammy Samarium)

Sofia and Theo are just hangin’ out, enjoying the sunshine. ❤️

Theo and Sofia heard a rumor from a reliable source that this is where the food comes from, and they’re investigating to see if it’s true.

Everyone’s present and accounted for, if not lined up properly (we’ll work on their posing skills.)

Good night innernets. (Theo Pesto and Sofia Soy Sauce, who manage to take up a lot of space on that bed. That’s okay, I’ll just balance over here on the side of the bed and hope I don’t fall off, kittens.)

Ozzy just finished eating breakfast and is busy digesting, so we have a lights-on, no-one-home situation going on here.

It’s time for Theo Pesto’s mid-morning nap. That little smile on his face SLAYS me.

Carli, still suspicious. It’s okay, I’ll win her over whether she likes it or not.

Ruthy and Ozzy have a snuggle while Nikki looks on.

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The kittens playing in the foster room – Carli Calcium continues to be suspicious, but that’s okay. I’m gonna win her over sooner or later whether she likes it or not!

Good night innernets. (Sofia Soy Sauce)


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