10-25-21 Monday

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Yesterday, I took Maddy to Michelle’s house (Michelle is who I foster under). We like to keep mamas with their kittens until the kittens are at least 12 weeks old (these kittens are 10 weeks old as of yesterday), but Maddy was showing signs of stress and I believe was ready to be done with the whole mothering experience. I will, of course, update you whenever there are any updates to share.

Mama Maddy and Nikki keep an eye on me just in case there are treats on the way.

“The children are right, we need to be skeptical of you, lady.”

Barry and Maddy on treat patrol.

Nikki and Barry have a tussle.

Barry and Sammy are little posers.

Carli is just so GORGEOUS (also, still suspicious.)

Nikki on the little pink chair. Perfect size for that tiny girl!

Sammy always looks so amused.


Sammy’s all “Hey, who are you? You wanna play?”


An old shot of Dewey (taken at the last house), just so y’all don’t forget what a pretty boy he is.


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) this weekend.

“Good morning, Beautiful!” Nikki Nickel is a little obsessed with that kitten in the mirror.

Ozzy’s eyes are changing – I love that the color closest to his pupil matches his fur color.

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The kittens were sleeping in a pile on this doll bed when I walked in, and were SO CUTE I couldn’t stand it, so the baby talk began.

“You gots Churu over there, lady?” wonders Carli.

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It’s play time in the kitten room (it’s always play time in the kitten room!)

Nikki’s ready for the candy.

Good night innernets. (Barry Beryllium)

Oh tiny Nikki Nickel and her Precious Moments eyes!

They just love to squeeze into the top of that little cat tree! That’s orange tabby Ozzy, gray tabby Carli next to him, and from left to right the brown tabbies are: Nikki, Barry (Barry’s body is actually under Ozzy, and his chin is hooked over Ruthy’s body), and Ruthy. (“Where is Sammy?” someone will ask, and the answer is that Sammy likes to have occasional quiet time alone, so he was across the room on the couch snoozing.)

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Hanging out in the kitten room watching the kittens do what they do… as you do.

Good night innernets. (Sammy Samarium)

Ruthy loves her mama… Maddy loves her Churu!

I was trying to get a good shot of Carli’s eyes to show they perfectly match her fur, and got this Look of Suspish from her.

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I checked the Nest camera (what? you don’t have Nest cameras to monitor your litter boxes?) to see exactly who was using the top-entry litter box (I knew someone was using it, but it didn’t look like mama Maddy was), and found that ALL the kittens are. I never would have guessed those kittens could get into that litter box (let alone back out), but they think it’s tons of fun.

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The only thing the kittens (and mama Maddy) like more than treats… is dinner! (Or breakfast!)

Look at Barry Beryllium and his perfectly crossed paws. He has MANNERS, thank you.

Good night innernets. (Sammy Samarium, in his Toastycat bed)


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