10-25-19 Friday

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Raider belongs to the friend of a friend. He recently ate ribbon and though she thought he’d vomited it up, he stopped eating and clearly wasn’t feeling well. As a single mother, she needs a hand paying the vet bill – please share, and if you can donate, it would be very much appreciated. Good thoughts would be appreciated as well!


I see you’ve acquired the black cat throw blanket from Target! I love mine!

Yes, Dorian (the founder of Cat Lady Box) posted on Facebook a couple of weeks ago that Target had them, and lickety-split I went and grabbed a couple so that the couch in the foster room will be properly dressed for Halloween!


Do all tabby kitties have striped whiskers? My Bella is the first tabby I’ve had, and wondered about her whiskers until I saw the pic of Henri and his gorgeous whiskers.

I honestly don’t know that all of them have striped whiskers, but a lazy perusal of the kittens nearby (Beauregard and Gabrielle) shows me that at least 3 of the 4 brown tabbies from this litter have stripey whiskers, and it’s likely that JoJo does, too. It’s certainly not uncommon, but I can’t speak to whether all of them do or not. I’ll try to make a point of noticing from here on out.


I always seem to have pictured in my mind that most of the kitten beds/loungers/props you have in their room are ginormous, but then when I look at the background in the “the feather teaser broke in half and the top went sailing across the room…” photo, I can see that alas, I will not fit on the Fancy Sofa…

The kitten beds, etc are all pretty small; it’s always hard to tell that from pictures. It’s even harder to show just how small the kittens are. I know that in pictures, they look pretty much all grown up, but the first thing anyone who has seen them online says when they see them in person is “Wow, they’re really small!”


I for one will be delighted to see more of the permanent residents, but whatever will you do with all your free time when you’re not doing 17 loads of laundry every day for the kittens??? I hope you spend some of it napping with the permies.

I am actually NOT having to do all that much kitten laundry lately. They’re all great with using the litter box and not stepping in their leavings. When I completely clean the foster room (which I did the other day for the first time in like 2 weeks), I strip the blankets off the couch and wash all the rugs, which is a pain because I only put the rugs in the dryer for about 10 minutes, then hang them to dry the rest of the way, and I’ve got limited places to hang them. I mean, I make it work, but it’s a pain.


Just so you know (and anyone else who reads this), Instagram lets you see a few pictures, then pop-ups INSIST that you log in to see any more. I hate such strong-arm tactics and the attempts to harvest email and FB acct info (more ad clicks for them! not from me!). So I didn’t make an Instagram account.

How incredibly ANNOYING is that – I had no idea! Thanks a lot, Instagram. (I’d suggest setting up an email address just for social media purposes, but I know that’s not for everyone.)


Do they even make non-photogenic kittens? Or do you screen for that before you accept them as fosters?

Whenever I’m asked to foster a kitten or kittens, I always say “Only if they’re cute,” but no one ever thinks it’s as funny as I do. All kittens seem to be photogenic!


When will they go home/PetSmart?

No idea! They’re with us for now (it’s always my hope that they’ll go home straight from here, but that obviously doesn’t always happen), and when there’s room for them they’ll head off to Petsmart.


They [Margeaux and Katriane] look pretty relaxed for being in a new place! I wonder if it’s because they have each other? I wonder this because I had to take my “then” cats, two of them to stay at my parent’s place for a number of months. The elder had not been there since she was a kitten, but I often took the younger with me on previous trips. He was nonchalant about the place and I really think it made the older female more confident that the world was not ending!

I love it when kittens or cats are adopted together, because they have each other as a security blanket in a new and potentially scary place. Both Margeaux (now Elfie) and Katriane (now Neko) are fairly unflappable, but I’m certain that they were even more confident in their forever home since they have each other.


Is this a first where the Mama(s) get adopted before any of the babies are spoken for?


Is this the first time the mother has been adopted before any of her kittens?

I think yes, though it is entirely possible it happened in the past and I just don’t remember!


Perhaps I missed it somewhere down the line, but how ever did you come up with Alice Mo’s name?

There’s no real story behind it – Fred came up with it, liked it because it rhymed, and it kind of stuck. (Her official name is just Alice; “Alice Mo” and “Mo” are her nicknames.)

Edited to add: She got the name Alice because she showed up on our doorstep when we were fostering the Brady Bunch litter, and Fred wouldn’t agree to the name Kitty Carryall (the name of Cindy’s doll in the show), so Alice Nelson she became. I’m sure when we decided to keep her we talked about changing her name, but while she gained the nicknames, Alice is still her name. (We talked about renaming Kara, too, and all these years later she’s still Kara/Sheriff Mama.)


In case you missed it on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter the other day, Archie the dish towel assassin appears to have taken on an apprentice in the form of Fleur, and she’s really learning the tricks of the trade.

Skeptical Luc on the Fancy Sofa.

And Henri.

Fleur prefers to be up a little higher.

Speaking of Fleur, we switched the antibiotic she’s on. It’s too soon to know if it’s working, but at least she seems to feel okay other than the snuffly sneezy thing – she plays, she eats, she snuggles. She’s such a sweet little thing. They ALL are.

Gabrielle’s all “Excuse you, lady, we is nappin’.”

JoJo and Luc – since I cleaned the room and moved everything around, the Fancy Sofa has been very popular.

JoJo, amused.

Luc in the Tiny Basket.

Gabrielle in the sun, mid-chatter.

JoJo says “HEY. I got stuff to say TOO!”

Gabrielle and Onyx, chasing the laser light. (Onyx is Fred’s sister’s cat, who we are cat-sitting while she’s in France.)

Now that I’ve moved the couch so that it’s against the wall, the kittens can easily get up on the cabinets, and it took Henri nearly 20 seconds to discover this particular bed-pile situation.


Archie’s also fond of the beds on the cabinet in the foster room.


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing Rider! He’s still with us, trying to pass the ribbon without surgery.
    The kitties are adorable, i can’t believe they are still there!

  2. I thought Alice got her name because you had a Brady Bunch litter and she joined them later…? or am I imagining things? or confusing her with another Alice from another foster mom? that’s entirely possible since I follow so many of you, lol

    • No, you’re right – I was looking at the question from the wrong angle (“How did you get the name Alice Mo the Calico”) and missed the forest for the trees. 🙂

  3. Archie was in the cat room!! Oh, I would have loved to see that, even if it was just a few minutes, just enough time for the kittens to absorb some Uncle Archie wisdom.

    I love how Jo Jo seems to pose for a never ending series of expression shots. For her portfolio, I suppose.