10-8-21 Friday

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Well, this would make more work for you, so maybe don’t do it. But, it would be hilarious to compare the “I’d da BAY-Bee” winner from each litter with CHIP, the ALL TIME BAY_BEE winner. I wonder how he’s doing.

That would be a lot of work and I probably won’t get to it any time soon, but that sounds like a perfect project for the middle of winter when things slow down! (And I would love to know how Chip Da BAYbee is doing, too!)


Hahaha The Catpranos! I’ve been binge-watching The Sopranos marathon on HBO this past week, so it was perfect timing for that post to pop up in the memories!

Ha! I have to admit, that one cracks me up every time I re-read it!


First off, here’s a disclaimer to start in hopes of forestalling anyone’s negative comments: This is meant as a bit of a gentle tease and certainly a fond remembrance. I understand that not every foster can be adopted, particularly if more fostering is to occur.

Now… that being said, I laughed a little to myself when I saw the post headline from 2008 that said Kara (a/k/a Sheriff Mama) was going to the pet store for adoption. Curious, I clicked to read it and it ends with, “No, we’re not keeping her. (Y’all never believe me when I say that, do you?)” Erm… well, most of the time, yes, I do believe it. But the times when it’s false are delightful!

You are missed and remembered, Sheriff Mama. <3

Awww, Sheriff Mama was the BEST. I will point out that when she went to Petsmart, we had NO intention of adopting her. It wasn’t ’til she was gone that we realized how much we missed having her racing around the house, and went back to get her.


When I am at my desk, Sofia and Theo are invariably right here keeping watch over me. It is TOO cute.

(I apologize that I’m not posting many pictures of Sofia and Theo lately. The lighting in the foster room is better than it was, but the lighting throughout the rest of the house is still awful and I haven’t had a chance to replace any light fixtures (it is at the VERY top of my list!) and I am not a good enough photographer to shoot good pictures in low light with a phone, which I use to take 99.999% of the pictures I post.) Rest assured that they are NOT spending all their time sleeping (that’s just when they’re still and it’s easiest to take their picture), they are exploring the entire house now, getting to know Charlie, and sleeping with me at night. It’s lovely getting to spend this extra time with them before they go home. (I will miss them when they do go, but knowing that they have a wonderful home to go to makes their stay much less stressful for me.)


Maddy keeps an eye on Fred.

Ozzy is all “Ma’am, there is a plate in front of me and no food on it. THIS IS A TRAVESTY.”

Sammy checks to see if there are any available spots at the milk bar. (The milk bar was too busy looking for some petting, though.)

Sammy settles for some pettin’. (Please admire his little while locket.)

Carli sniffs suspiciously.

Nikki and Carli keep an eye on things.

That orange toy in front of Maddy is a catnip mouse; it turns out that she’s a BIG fan of catnip and she was licking and drooling on that mouse. Barry was all “What is going ON with Mama?!”

This is the crowd that meets me at the door when I walk in now. The only two missing are Carli and Ruthy, who ran behind the couch. That’s FINE. They’ll warm up EVENTUALLY. (But I wish they’d hurry up.)


Archie’s all “You again?”


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

Look at the gorgeous baby blues on Sammy Samarium! (I don’t expect his eyes to stay blue, they’re just changing slowly.)

These three muffinheads are still available for adoption! From left to right we have: Franco Fondue (everyone’s best friend!), Christopher Chutney (the goofball!) and Alfie Alfredo (he’s a little bit dramatic). They’re just turned 4 months old, and are currently residing at Petsmart on University Drive here in Huntsville, Alabama with their mama Molly Marinara. If one, two, or all three of these goobers look like they might make your family complete, please email Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info (at) ffhsv.org to inquire. (All kittens must either be joining a home with a playful kitty already in residence OR be adopted with a brother.)

“Am suspish, lady.” (Carli Calcium)

Barry Beryllium checks out the milk bar situation.

YouTube link
Maddy Magnesium’s kittens are venturing forth to check out the foster room. (Descriptions of who’s who are below.) The three brown tabbies are wearing collars so I can tell them apart, and I check them every day, so they are not too tight. In case you wondered.

Maddy Magnesium: Mama
Brown tabby, red collar: Barry Beryllium
Gray tabby: Carli Calcium
Brown tabby, purple collar: Nikki Nickel
Orange tabby: Ozzie Osmium
Brown tabby, pink collar: Ruthy Ruthenium
Buff tabby: Sammy Samarium

Good night innernets. (Theo Pesto and Sofia Soy Sauce)


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