10-20-21 Wednesday

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Post-breakfast Theo Pesto pie.

Helpers helpin’.

It’s a rough life for a Theo Pesto.

Sofia Soy Sauce keeps an eye on the office door just in case someone’s sneaking up behind me when I’m at my desk. (The only someone who ever shows up in that doorway is Fred, and she announces his arrival by stretching and squeaking.)

Sofia and Theo are headed home today!!!


Pretty mama Maddy Magnesium.

Carli goes for a stroll.

But stops long enough to give me the Suspicious Eyes.

“We is tryin’ to sleep, lady.”

Sammy in the crown bed.

Along comes Ozzy.

I would have guessed he was too small to get up in that window bed, but I guess you can’t underestimate that boy.


Alice Mo is enjoying the cooler weather and hopes it sticks around.

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Sofia Soy Sauce and Theo Pesto are waiting patiently for breakfast!

I probably haven’t mentioned – and you probably haven’t noticed – but that mama Maddy Magnesium? GORGEOUS! (Also very very very sweet.)

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Theo Pesto, sitting in the back of my closet purring. He is such a little goober!

Sofia Soy Sauce is very very pleased with herself.

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Wild times in the kitten room. Zoom zoom zoom!

Not to be technical, but what we have here is a cute little stinker. (Barry Beryllium)

Good night innernets. (Theo Pesto)


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