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It was not long after a few people mentioned trackless litter in the comments to this post (a topic that interested me because who wants to have to vacuum or sweep up litter all the time?) that I got the monthly email from Chewy and found that one of the items available for review this month was Dr. Elsey’s Clean Tracks litter. I was very interested to see if it lived up to the hype.

I thought about trying it out with the fosters, but that 20 pound box wasn’t going to fill the 4 large litter boxes I have in the litter room, so I opted to try it in the litter box located in a corner of Fred’s office. (We have two big litter boxes located downstairs, also.)

What the box looked like.

The litter box filled.

After the first use – a few small pieces of litter scattered on the mat.

And this is how the mat looked after a full week of litter box usage.

Close up.

The verdict? Yeah, that’s not a litter that tracks a lot, due (I would guess) to the larger pieces of litter. It pretty much lives up to the promise – clumps hard, tracks little. If low-track litter is what you’re looking for, I’d recommend it. If your cat prefers litter with a finer texture (more sand-like), this probably isn’t the thing for your kitties.

This litter is available at Chewy – the 20 pound box currently $10.99.

And rather than show you a cat in the litter box (you don’t want to see that), here’s a picture of Sheriff Mama keeping an eye out from a central location.

“Keeping an eye on you, lady.”

The litter was provided to us free of charge for an honest opinion.


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10-20-18 #ChewyInfluencer — 8 Comments

  1. I just spent the morning cleaning dust from the closet where we keep the cat box. We’ve used worlds best for years but so much dust. So I’m intrigued with this litter. I wonder how you thought it handled odor?

    • I think it did a decent job, but I think that Dr Elsey’s litters overall do a decent job for the first week or so and then get… less good. I always recommend using activated charcoal to add to the box to help with the smell. I should add that this litter wasn’t dusty in the slightest, so that was very good!

      • Thanks…I have a couple of side pee-ers that are driving me insane. It’s worth a lot to me if I can stop having to clean outside the boxes and the seam between top and bottom of my current boxes. Or at least reduce frequency of that…

        • Oh, I feel your pain! Our old man Spanky used to pee higher than any cat I’ve ever seen, this would have been the perfect box for him.

  2. Oh my, Kara is so beautiful. I want to give her snuggles and love. I’m going to have to go find my cranky old lady one eyed tabby cat and give her some lovin’.

  3. Thank you! I am all on board with the less tracking, as well as the less dust. I’m getting ready to get a cat again, and having just moved in with my mother, who hasn’t had a cat in years, I’d like it to be as painless as possible for all of us.