2-25-21 Thursday

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Edited to add 12:05 pm: Oops, forgot again, sorry. No kittens yet!


Having a little gas. HA HA HA just kidding! Having a LOT of gas!

Enjoying the sun.

Enjoying the sun a LOT.

Enjoying the lap time.

So clearly no kittens yet (I will hopefully remember to edit this post when I get to my desk in the morning. I forgot yesterday, oops!) We’re looking at a lot of rain this weekend and possibly some thunderstorms, so maybe some mid-storm kittens? Also the full moon is coming, so maybe some full moon kittens? Orrrrr… we’re doing a live drawing of the name for the winner of the crocheted throw Saturday evening – maybe we’ll have kittens by then?

We’ll see!


Khal the Magnificent does not understand snack time. All the other cats dance around while I get their Churu ready, and he just sits there and watches with just a touch of disdain. Khal’s affections cannot be bought by food.

He does like a good snuggle at nap time, though.


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