2-2-21 Tuesday

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Usually when Charlie spends time in the foster room, he wanders around the room for a bit and then ends up in the ham-mick. He LOVES that thing (though only in the foster room – he ignores the one in my bedroom) and obviously thinks of it as his own. Yesterday morning, though, he wandered around the room a little too long and…


“That’s MY ham-mick!”

He tried to pick a fight (please notice the blurred tail. He was whipping that thing back and forth.)

He tried asking nicely. “Pleeeease? Can I have my ham-mick back?”
She was not inclined to give him his ham-mick back.

“You are very rude and mean and I can’t believe you won’t give me my ham-mick back!”

In the end, I put a second ham-mick together, but by then Charlie was too ticked off and he stomped to the door and wailed until I let him out.

(You guys were totally hoping there’d be a picture of the two of them sharing the ham-mick, weren’t you? Ha! Nope.)


Newt has developed a love for the guest bedroom in the past few months. If he’s not on the cat pillow on the bed, he’s in this bed in the window. He’s a happy, happy boy.


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