2-1-21 Monday

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Haaave I mentioned that there’s a Forgotten Felines of Huntsville online auction going on right NOW (through Saturday)? Here’s some of the lovely handcrafted stuff you may have missed out on. (We have the MOST talented people willing to donate to the auctions, seriously.)

There’s so much awesome stuff – go check out the album of biddable items and get your bid on! (More stuff is added each morning, so remember to check back.)


Three weeks into fostering Canasta, I still get the occasional “She looks a little cross-eyed?” comment.

Yep. Just a little.

I spotted this house in Gabrielle & Josephine’s recent pictures and had to have one for the kitten room. (It is the KONG Play Spaces Bungalow Cat Toy; I got it from Chewy, but it’s currently out of stock there. Google it, you should find a bunch of places that sell it.) Canasta was interested briefly, and then she pushed it across the room into a corner and completely ignored it. (Because: cat.) So I’ve put it downstairs and in the evenings Archie pushes it into the hallway and Charlie races down the hallway and leaps over it.

Her silly little face kills me.

Gettin’ wider.

So, obviously, no kittens yet. I’m still not seeing a huge amount of kitten movement, and since she naps on me for a long time in the evenings, I’ve gotten a great view of the belly. Either she’s just going to be one of those mamas who doesn’t have the crazy alien belly, or she’s got a while longer to go. Fred thinks she doesn’t look miserable enough yet (we always have to remind each other, every time we have a pregnant cat, that they always get MUCH bigger than we remember, like impossibly huge), so… We’ll see, basically, is what I’m saying. Maybe next weekend, on Superbowl Sunday!


Charlie watchin’ birds.

And Charlie checking out the house in the back yard. Jake always hangs out in that house in the late afternoons, so Charlie must have decided that Jake knows a good thing.


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