2-8-21 Monday

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“What you want, lady?”

“Ooh yeah, that’s the spot!”

“That is not a flattering angle, lady.”

“Just checking things out.”

I mentioned this on social media yesterday: as of yesterday, Canasta’s been with us for 28 days (joined us on January 10th). That makes her the mama who has now made us wait the longest for kittens EXCEPT for Margeaux (who had her kittens 43 days after she came to us – but of course, we didn’t know she was pregnant when we got her, either.) Nothing about her behavior (especially her voracious appetite) makes me think that kittens are coming soon – but I’ve certainly been surprised before. If anything changes, you know I’ll report it!


Oh, that Khal. He is… what’s the word… MAGNIFICENT.

An exciting thing that happened over the weekend – someone sent us a cat DNA test kit for Khal, so we get to find out exactly what his genetic background is! Fred took the swab and ran it around the inside of Khal’s mouth yesterday morning (I didn’t expect Khal to put up with that very well, but he actually just sat there like “What…?”) and it’ll go out in the mail today. Then we’ll get the results in 4-6 weeks. I can’t wait! (And of course I’ll let y’all know the results just as soon as I know ’em!)


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