2-8-19 Friday

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Look at these wonderful pictures Forgotten Felines volunteer Susan took at Petsmart!

Clutch, flirting with Alby.

Such a serious little face.

I love this picture SO MUCH.

Cam needs hydration too.

(Thanks for letting me share, Susan!)


Is she slowing down at all as her pregnancy progresses?

A little. She still plays a lot, but she’s sleeping more, and she sleeps more deeply. Also, until the last few days she always met me at the door when I went in, and now she waits a minute or two before getting up and waddling over to me.


In our house we call the one leg out “the ol’ razzle dazzle” be it cracks my husband up every time.

I literally snorted when I read this comment. Then I told Fred, and he snorted too. DYING.


Do you routinely use the Furminator on the cats? How about Khal with the one coat?

I’ve used the Furminator on Khal, but I think the slicker brush works better. I use the Furminator more often on the other cats – though to be honest, I don’t brush them as often as I ought to.


Every time I see Khal I marvel at his magnificence… He must have Norwegian Forest Cat in him, do you think?


Khal is such a handsome creature, and he knows it. I wouldn’t be surprised if he did have Norwegian Forest Cat in him; I don’t see Maine Coon in him like I do with my floofball Fizzgig.

Khal might have Norwegian Forest Cat in him – he certainly resembles the breed. Khal’s the one that I would LOVE to do a DNA test on, though at nearly $100 for the test I don’t see it happening any time soon.


Please admire the size of Charles’s big ol’ paw. (Pa’s paw!)


This boy is such a snugglebug.

Those faces. (Yes, there was a feather teaser up there.)

The happy couple.

“My EYES are up HERE.”

Such a sweet girl.

View from the side.

We’ve reached the point where it seems possible that she could go into labor at any minute, and so any little change in her behavior makes me suspicious. “WHY is she sleeping THERE? WHY is she playing with THAT? WHY is she doing THAT? Maybe she’s about to have her kittens!”

So we’ll see. If she should go into labor this weekend, I’ll post on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter, and will leave at least a note here while it’s going on (and then a quick post once it’s done.) My gut tells me we’ve got a little longer to go, but my gut is never right when it comes to this sort of thing, so who knows?


Frankie in the sun. SUCH a pretty boy.


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2-8-19 Friday — 9 Comments

  1. I tell ya….if I was in the market for two more cats, these two would be MINE! 1) They get along. 2) They have great personalities. 3) They are cuuuute!

    Frankie…you are a handsome devil!

  2. Does Khal have a thick undercoat? My orange Khal lookalike – Sir Fluffybutt, Prince of the Fancypants, Catsquatch of College Hill (we call him Jerry), has an incredible undercoat that has a texture that’s somewhere between cotton candy and cottonwood fluff. It sticks to EVERYTHING. The slicker brush doesn’t seem to get his undercoat. Maybe I need one with longer bristles? Also – has anyone had their cat trimmed in the summer? He sheds so much that I thought that might help. Does it? I can’t attach a photo here. I’ll send Robyn one.

    • My Ragdoll mix gas such a fine undercoat that I call it spiderwebs. His fur actually gets twined into my eyelashes. I take him with me everywhere. Yep…sticks to everything!

    • (Kate I emailed this to you, but I’m cutting and pasting it here too for anyone else who might be interested)

      My recommendation is the Furminator Undercoat deshedding brush, this one.

      (They should carry it at Petsmart and Petco, too).

      As far as shaving, way way wayyyyy back in the day – 2003, I think – we had our only previous longhaired cat (Fancypants) shaved because he had so many tangles. He was a little freaked out afterward, but he adjusted pretty quickly, and he was so soft, he felt like velour. They left his tail and head unshaved, so he was quite the sight. I don’t know if it would have helped with the shedding – he unfortunately escaped the back yard and disappeared several weeks later (I don’t think that had anything to do with being shaved, he was just generally a jerk.)

    • I had my girl Anna Belle shaved last summer because she had so many mats and tangles that I couldn’t keep them trimmed out and she hates to be brushed. She was kind of embarrassed the first day and then ended up loving it so we will probably be doing it again this year because she is wooly as a bear.

  3. I predicted three kittens, ultimately, and somewhere back there, I also predicted Valentine’s Day. I’m sticking with it!

    You ought to have a “betting” pool — no money, no prize other than bragging rights on being the closest to being right! 😉