2-18-21 Thursday

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She always looks so expectant, like she’s waiting to hear what I want. (SHE KNOWS WHAT I WANT, she just doesn’t CARE.)

Havin’ a think.

It’s a rough life.

“Watchin’ you, lady.”

This morning I have a dentist appointment at 8. I have announced this dentist appointment to Canasta repeatedly. She just looks at me like “Well, I’m not driving you.” It would be personally VERY INCONVENIENT FOR ME if she had kittens while I was gone. I have TOLD her this. And yet, if I came back from the dentist and found kittens, I would not be the tiniest bit annoyed.

WE’LL SEE. (Not holding my breath… but a girl can hope!)


Oh Dewey, you pretty, pretty thing. (Not bad for a picture taken through the window, right?)


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