2-4-21 Thursday

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Remember Orange and Tan, the kittens I babysat for Lexi (who also fosters for Forgotten Felines) around Thanksgiving? This is what they looked like then:

Well here they are now!

Tan is now Artemis, and Orange is now Athena because – surprise! – it turns out they’re both girls, not boys as we thought. In any case, they’re spayed, vaccinated, ready for adoption and a bonded pair. Need ’em in your life? Drop an email to Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info (at) ffhsv.org to get the ball rolling. (They’re located here in Huntsville, Alabama.)

You can read more about those cuties on Facebook or on Petfinder.


She’s a goofball.

She’s still liking the crown bed – and I’m hoping she doesn’t give birth in it! (I would prefer her to birth those kittens at floor level, possibly in the lovely red crate that is set up just for her.)

She’s very fond of the couch (as you may have guessed, since I’ve shared a billion pictures of her lying on it.)

She’s a very snuggly girl, too, if you hadn’t guessed. She was pretty friendly when we first got her, but she is SUPER snuggly now.


Alice in the back yard in… June or July, I’d guess, given that the monkey grass (Liriope) is in bloom behind her. (August, as it turns out. I always think the monkey grass blooms earlier than it actually does.)

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