2-16-21 Tuesday

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My theory is that she kicks that leg up whenever she sits down because it helps release the pressure on her abdomen and is more comfortable. I don’t know if that’s true, though. She just might be showing off her foot… or trying to clean her back end. (She cannot reach her back end and doesn’t like it when I try to clean it off for her, but I still do it about once a day because… well, it needs it.)

Guilty little face.

With her feets up in the air like that, she strongly resembles a dead armadillo.

Pressing that dot doesn’t get you kittens, FYI. She’s apparently NOT a vending machine.


That wire rack has been next to my desk for years, holding my computer, printer, and a whole host of other things. I finally decided I needed something with doors (so that kittens couldn’t dig through all the junk I stash there), and once I had a replacement I decided to move this out to the back porch and see if the cats would use it if I put a bed on each level. Turns out, they will – as illustrated by Archie. They’ll use the top and bottom levels, but I’ve never seen anyone on the middle level.


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