2-23-21 Tuesday

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Edited to add: 8:40 am: No kittens, no labor. Eating & playing like a cat who’ll never give birth.

It’s raffle time! Check out this beautiful crocheted throw!

Karen – Forgotten Felines of Huntsville supporter/volunteer/shipping pro – crocheted that throw. It measures 54″ x 48″, is reversible, and weighs just under 3 pounds.

It costs $5 per entry into the raffle (and you can enter as many times as you’d like!) Check out the auction page or just send $5 per entry to forgottenfelineshsv (at) yahoo.com via the “sending to friends” option (to avoid fees) and note “THROW RAFFLE.” You can enter RIGHT NOW through Saturday at 7 PM (Central Time.) Saturday evening we’ll draw a winner (will there be kittens by then? WHO KNOWS?).

All proceeds benefit the Forgotten Felines of Huntsville Sanctuary Cats Fund for cats in long-term care.


“Ooh, yeah, that’s the spot.”

“That’s right, the ears too.”

Charlie wants none of what you’re selling, Canasta. He only has eyes for Da Bird.

That girl is a lapful.

Welp. We have now beaten Margeaux’s 43 day record. We are on day 44. If there are no kittens at SOME POINT today or tonight, we will be getting her to the vet for a once-over. I don’t think there’s an issue, but perhaps the scary ride to the vet will get those babies in gear.

(If you didn’t know this, I write these posts the night before and schedule them to post at 5 am central time. If I should wake up and find kittens, I will edit this post to reflect that. If I should wake up in the middle of the night – which I am doing about 7 times per night at this point to check on her – and find that she’s in labor, I will try to remember to edit this post to reflect that. If I get up and there are no kittens, I’ll edit the post with the time at the top and let y’all know there were no kittens. That’ll happen around 9 am central time (because I don’t land at my desk ’til after I’m up, showered, and most of the morning chores – litter boxes and feeding Canasta – are done.)


Alice adores that window in the winter when the sun is shining (and doesn’t she have the PRETTIEST eyes?)

YouTube link


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