2-15-21 Monday

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If you won something in the Forgotten Felines of Huntsville auction last week that was shipped to you, please double-check your box when it arrives – we’ve misplaced set #90 (see picture below) and are afraid it got put in one of the shipped boxes. If you did receive it, please let us know (you can message the Forgotten Felines auction page) and we’ll make arrangements to get it back from you. Thank you!


No kittens over the weekend, despite the gazillions of predictions that she’d have them on Valentine’s Day. Maybe she’ll have them today (Presidents Day in the U.S.) or tomorrow (Fat Tuesday). Who knows? We’ll see!

And no, I’m still not concerned. I thought I had mentioned this before (and maybe I did), but she had a litter of kittens last fall, before she was rescued. Her kittens were all homed, then she was rescued, and before they could have her spayed, they realized she was pregnant which is when she came to me. So she’s done this before, her body knows what to do – if she were younger or smaller (like Caroline was!) I’d be more worried. I mean, I’m always worried because that’s what I do, AND we’re supposed to get some nasty weather today and possibly also tomorrow, and WOULDN’T IT FIGURE if she had a problem in the middle of an ice storm?

But I’m not gonna worry too much. ‘Cause it’s all gonna be fiiiine.

A brief moment of sunshine.

“There you go, lady. There’s your kittens.”

Canasta and the Ears of Annoyance.

Oh, that belly.


Alice Mo loves that window in the winter.

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