2-5-21 Friday

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Don’t forget, y’all – the Forgotten Felines of Huntsville online auction ends TOMORROW. If you haven’t checked it out, check it out now!


What will happen once Canasta has her kittens? Would Charlie be allowed in-under supervision?

We’re going to play it by ear – basically, if Canasta is okay with him being in the room, we’ll allow him to come in (with supervision.) If she makes it clear that she doesn’t want that, it won’t happen (and he can wail just as much as he wants to. Mama’s in charge!)


Oh my, 2011: “how tiny IS tiny Alice?”

She was such a teeny thing! 10 years later, she is… not. She weighs 11+ pounds now!


Who was it… Was it you that had little food truck replica box house in the kitten room?

When we had The Mewsketeers, we had a taco truck!

Uncle Archie taking over the taco truck.

It got pretty trashed and I threw it away; Target still has them, I should grab another!


I always crack up at the dramatic reading of “Flappy McGee and the Monster Egg” by you and Fred! The story has great potential for a children’s book! Do you ever miss Crooked Acres? I know it must have been a lot of work to care for so many animals but it looks so peaceful and scenic! On another topic, it appears that Charlie is really quite enthralled with Canasta?

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There are things I miss about Crooked Acres – I loved having 4 1/2 acres (Fred loved that less than I did, since he was the one in charge of mowing it), I loved the chickens, and walking around the pond in the evenings and hearing frogs squeak and leap into the water. I miss the garden (especially the tomatoes) and the ducks, and knowing that I could grab my camera and walk into the back forty without knowing what I’d find, but knowing that I’d get some cool pictures.

There’s a lot I don’t miss about Crooked Acres, though – the way there was ALWAYS something going wrong with the house (which is the way when you own a house that’s 80 years old, of course.) I don’t miss the FLOOD of Asian Lady Beetles in the fall (I’m not kidding when I tell you that we’d get THOUSANDS of them coming into the house around the windows and through the attic) along with their best friends the wasps. I don’t miss how, every time we got a little sleet or snow, people would slide off the road and across our front yard. And the fact that we were so close to the road, and that it was a busy road – it was the main road to and from the biggest local employer. I don’t miss the way people would set off fireworks for two weeks before and two weeks after every single holiday. I was especially super not crazy about the way people would pull into the driveway and honk their horns so I’d have to stop whatever I was doing and go out to see WHAT THEY WANTED.

We like where we live now (7 minutes from Target and Petsmart, woo!), but I think in wanting to get closer to civilization, we may have swung too far in the other direction. I’ve told Fred that if we could move this house (I really like this house) to the middle of about 2 acres, that’d be perfect. I’d have room for a garden, we could have a few chickens. But ah well; I don’t really have any complaints – and the cats REALLY like the back yard!


She’s a LAYDEE.

She has become exceedingly fond of Charlie’s tail.

Oh, that belly.

Should she go into labor over the weekend, I will post on social media first, but I will post here soon after. Will she have them this weekend? WHOOOO KNOWWWWS?!


That doll bed (which has a heated pad on it – right now, all the doll beds in the house do)(there are 4 Ikea doll beds in this house, because I know you were gonna ask) is one of Archie’s favorite places to snooze. It’s located at the end of the couch, between the couch and the wall, a kind of quiet out-of-the-way place. Sometimes a boy just needs some alone time.


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