2-9-21 Tuesday

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Yes, she does sit around with her foot in the air a lot. She can no longer actually reach her back end, but it doesn’t stop her from trying.

She loves to fight with the rugs and bunny kick them.

Maybe if she sits in the sun, those kittens will bake faster?

Yeah, I’ve considered the fact that she might decide to give birth under the ham-mick. She wouldn’t be the first mama who went rogue and birthed her babies in a non-crate location.

Charlie, checking out the crate.

Yesterday evening, Canasta took a nap lying on my belly, and I could feel the kittens moving around like crazy – but when I sit and stare at her belly, the movement isn’t obvious. Her appetite is still voracious, she’s sleeping a lot. She might be a touch more restless, but hasn’t spent any real time in either of the crates. Her favorite place to sleep right now is on the couch, though she takes the occasional nap in one of the beds in the window.


Dewey is such a pretty, pretty boy.


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