2-25-19 Monday

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I barely slept this weekend because the sound of eyes plinking open was nearly deafening!

At 11 days old – yesterday – four of the five kittens had eyes at least halfway open. Albert’s the lagger who’s apparently decided there’s nothing out here he needs to see. (I suspect I’ll walk in at some point and find that he’s got both of his eyes wide open; that’s how it seems to go with the laggers.)


Willie is turning out to be one chill dude. When I pick him up he seems more curious than scared.

Also chill: Mary. I picked her up yesterday to check her eye (there was a little goop on it), and then I held her up to my face so she could sniff me, which she did. Then she hissed a tiny hiss. She’s chill, but she’s got some sass.

I posted yesterday that Almanzo is turning out to be Da BAYbee. He’s probably not the only one of the litter, but he’s quick to yell when I pick him up, and quick to hiss if I pet him ever so gently. Figures, doesn’t it, that the biggest of the bunch is also the biggest BAYbee.

Also quick to yell: Laura. Pa’s all “Take a chill pill, Half Pint.”

Caroline’s not thrilled when I make the babies cry. (Lucky for me, she’s quick to forgive.)

You might think, at first glance, that Charles is getting a kiss on the cheek. But in actuality, Caroline was feeling feisty.

His FACE. “Daaaang, Caroline! Why you gotta be like that?”

Waiting for me to come out of the bathroom after my shower.

Check this out. Kittens in the Tiny Basket at 3 days old:

Same kittens, same basket, 11 days old:

(All 5 of them were in there, though you can’t really see them all.)

Almanzo (left) and Laura. The largest and smallest of the litter.


Honestly, I’ve never seen a cat SO attached to a toy. If he’s not playing with it, he’s flopped across it or napping on it. We have a second one just like it downstairs in the living room, and he’ll occasionally play that one, but this one, located upstairs in Fred’s office, is his true love.


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2-25-19 Monday — 9 Comments

  1. I said “Oh my stars”, out loud when I saw the basket full of kittens comparison. Mama is doing a great job!

    Khal says, “Claim!” (TWD reference)

    • Phew, let’s hope it ends better for the fool who tries to “re-claim” Khal’s toy than it did for the guy with the other half of the rabbit on TWD though!

    • And Almanzo and Laura in the basket… Mama they’re adorable. Just got in to work and had to look again.

  2. Oh lawd… I nearly choked on my toast when I saw the “Daaaang, Caroline! Why you gotta be like that?” photo…. that is absolutely HILARIOUS.

    By now, I really should know better than to try to eat or drink when I’m checkin’ in on this blog. 😛

  3. Babies in baskets-Squeee!!
    Also, Caroline is thinking Charles you DID forget it was my birthday-how RUDE!
    (It is Karen Grassle’s birthday today. She was Caroline.)