2-25-20 Tuesday

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Thank you all so much for your kind words about Frankie, as well as Kara. Having them go within 24 hours of each other is one thing we hadn’t dealt with before (even in our worst year, 2015, in which we lost Corbie, Miz Poo, Sugarbutt, Tommy and our Great Pyr Gracie, we had a couple of days to breathe between losses). The cats all seem fine, though on Sunday when Jake stood up to look into the bed on the recliner where Frankie spent a large portion of his last days, it nearly broke our hearts. (Jake didn’t seem lost or sad, just like he was double-checking.)

Jake is the one cat all our other cats (well, except Archie) tolerate. He has a definitely friendship with Khal, and has been spending a lot of time hanging out with Newt as well. He and Alice can occasionally be seen playing together (Alice will rub up against him), and while he’d like to be buddies with Dewey, Dewey has decided he prefers to be a bit of a loner.

Of course, we’re still in early days yet, so they may rearrange themselves in some surprising way, you never know. I’ll report any developments as they occur.


In case you missed it, Keeping Tabbies is posting pictures of Reggie (formerly known as Luc) and his BFF Archie on Instagram. Go check out the cute!


Pablo’s eyeballs.

Javier’s all “Hey, lady, you takin’ our picture AGAIN?!”

Mama Isabella is just so darn pretty.

“Lady, we is trying to nap here.” Javier (bottom) and Pablo (and Alejandro’s butt.)

Pretty – have I mentioned?

Javier licking his foot (awww).

I swear to you, I really HAVE seen Carmelita with her tongue NOT sticking out. Not often, but I’ve seen it!

Javier in my lap, havin’ a think.

Alejandro in my lap, considering.

Sleepy boy. (That’s a yawn, not a hiss.)

These little muffins are two weeks old today, can you believe that? I’ll get their two-week pictures at some point today and post them here tomorrow. Everyone’s got open eyes, everyone’s moving around and starting to explore their space. A couple of them have even shown some interest in escaping the crate (eek!), and I am grateful that Isabella has shown no interest in moving them to another location.


Newt’s keeping that cardboard safe.


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2-25-20 Tuesday — 8 Comments

  1. Always love seeing those mewchachos! Such growing,active kitties with mama special lady Isabella. Wonderful photos! Thank you.

  2. How is Isabella’s coat doing? the kittens’ coats are so shiny and gorgeous. Another question, If Alejandro and Pablo are tabbies, when will the markings become prominent? your experience?

    And speaking of markings, Frankie’s lovely classic tabby markings (true watered silk) gave me a ‘spark of joy’ every time you posted pics of him

  3. Maybe Carmelita is trying to be a grown-up lady, and since you won’t let her wear lipstick, she’s sticking out her tongue so she can show some pink?
    I went back to read about Fred’s trifecta in 2008 – loved it!

  4. Wow! You used to be a chatty Cathy in the past. Would love to hear other stories of the continuing saga at Shady Cove-West. Sounds like it could be another “Dallas” in the makin’. 🙂