2-25-21 Thursday

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Edited to add 12:05 pm: Oops, forgot again, sorry. No kittens yet!


Having a little gas. HA HA HA just kidding! Having a LOT of gas!

Enjoying the sun.

Enjoying the sun a LOT.

Enjoying the lap time.

So clearly no kittens yet (I will hopefully remember to edit this post when I get to my desk in the morning. I forgot yesterday, oops!) We’re looking at a lot of rain this weekend and possibly some thunderstorms, so maybe some mid-storm kittens? Also the full moon is coming, so maybe some full moon kittens? Orrrrr… we’re doing a live drawing of the name for the winner of the crocheted throw Saturday evening – maybe we’ll have kittens by then?

We’ll see!


Khal the Magnificent does not understand snack time. All the other cats dance around while I get their Churu ready, and he just sits there and watches with just a touch of disdain. Khal’s affections cannot be bought by food.

He does like a good snuggle at nap time, though.


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2-25-21 Thursday — 7 Comments

  1. Having a little gas? You mean she’s just making room for growing kittens! It’s pushing all the stuffin’ out of her.

  2. Poor Canasta looks like she is about to burst, but she doesn’t seem fazed by it in the least. Hoping she has those babies tout suite.

    P.S. O.M.G. So glad I clicked on the 2008 entry. That story plus the Mr. Boogers pics for purposes of illustration? An Anderson CLASSIC!

  3. You know what might buy Khal the Magnificient’s affections, Canasta?

    Kittens. (For others, of course. Not for him.)

  4. Oh, Canasta! You look SO uncomfortable! Just push those kittens out and you’ll be able to breathe again!

  5. I feel like I’m checking your IG page as much as you’re checking on Canasta…bonkers!