2-26-21 Friday

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Kitten #1 born at 6:06 am. #2 at 7:15. #3 at 7:42. #4 at 8:57. #5 at 10:08. #1 & 2 are black and white. #3 & 4 brown tabby and white. #5 black and white (I think). All healthy, wiggly. Canasta doing well. Edited to add: it’s 2 pm, and I think that we’re done at 5. 4:33 pm: Nope! I went off to take a nap, and #6 (brown tabby and white) was born while I was sleeping! Born at 2:38 pm.


Reminder! You’ve got one more day (okay, a day and a half…ish – until 7 pm Central Time tomorrow, to be exact) to enter to win this awesome crocheted throw!

Karen – Forgotten Felines of Huntsville supporter/volunteer/shipping pro – crocheted that throw. It measures 54″ x 48″, is reversible, and weighs just under 3 pounds.

It costs $5 per entry into the raffle (and you can enter as many times as you’d like!) You DO NOT have to be local to enter – if you’re not here in the Huntsville, Alabama area, we will ship the throw.

Check out the auction page or just send $5 per entry to forgottenfelineshsv (at) yahoo.com via the “sending to friends” option (to avoid fees) and note “THROW RAFFLE.” You can enter RIGHT NOW through Saturday at 7 PM (Central Time.) Saturday evening (7:15ish) we’ll draw a winner live here at Love & Hisses Central (will there be kittens by then? WHO KNOWS?).

All proceeds benefit the Forgotten Felines of Huntsville Sanctuary Cats Fund for cats in long-term care.


Have we got names for the kittens yet? I’ve thought of Cribbage, Casino, and Canfield so far, but I can’t think of other games with a C.

I’ve got a list of names around here somewhere that includes Cribbage – but at the very top of the list is Pinochle. That’s the name that made me DESPERATELY want to use this name theme, and I cannot wait to use that name for a kitten.


Apparently the largest litter of kittens ever was 19…

::Giving Canasta the side eye::

I looked for a picture of this cat all over the internet yesterday and couldn’t find a thing, probably because it was in 1970. I did find this information though: 19 kittens were born in one litter on August 7th, 1970. Four were stillborn. The surviving fifteen kittens consisted of 1 female & 14 males.

That’d be one way to get 15 kittens in the foster room again!


So glad I clicked on the 2008 entry. That story plus the Mr. Boogers pics for purposes of illustration? An Anderson CLASSIC!

I re-read that and cracked up!


Grumpy little face.

That leg.

She loves to hang out between those beds (and in those beds. And on the couch. She has many favorite places.)

Smug little face.


Dewey needs a kiss.


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2-26-21 Friday — 28 Comments

  1. That first photo you put up certainly shows the size of that GIGANTIC belly to its fullest enormity! I’m betting on big kittens, though, rather than many kittens. As long as she’s able to birth them — assuming she EVER DOES — it wouldn’t be something crazy like 15 kittens in the foster room at one time. We hope!

  2. 19 kittens??! Ugh, maybe that’s what has her spooked!

    Pinochle, lol. How about Craps? No? (Lol, I crack me up…)

  3. ***secretly hoping for a black male kitten to name BlackJack!*** (my ex was a huge Baccarat fan…)

    Canasta’s face is so cute – I think it might be my penchant for slightly skewed eyes, but she just looks so darn loveable! I can’t wait!!!

    Happy Friday, y’all!

    • We have a black cat named Capt. Black Jack Andrews. Fingers crossed we get a black boy kitten.

  4. Sorry to comment again but the first post refused to update when I tried to put this in there.

    My grandmother’s favorite card game was one with the truly fascinating name of “Spite & Malice.” I have no idea how you played it, and I doubt that either Spite or Malice would be a good name for sweet kittens, but I definitely know some older cats who would fit those names to a T. 🙂

  5. In the picture with her leg up in the air is her tongue sticking out? That is so cute. I just love this mama!

  6. I thought the leg was the tail! Hahaha…

    EDIT: Also, Canasta heard that you might take her to the vet today so she decided today was a good day to deliver the kittens… On the couch apparently.

  7. Yay! So happy that I was wrong in predicting tomorrow! Welcome kittens!(just one born reported as I read this but I am CONFIDENT there will be others). Bless Canasta and her wonderful dula!!!

  8. Congratulations Canasta. Hope it’s an easy birth. You can do this. Can’t wait to meet your beautiful kitties.

  9. At the moment, all I have to say is, EEEEE kittens! 😀 3 so far… I’m hoping for 7 teenies, myself. Fingers crossed for at least one calico character, and oh hey, let’s go for broke. Male calico!

  10. Wish her well, first port I looked at today !! May they all be an easy birth!
    At least it shows you that it wasn’t just gas !!!!

  11. WEll I apparently am NO fortune teller. I thought she still had a week to go. Congrats to you and Canasta!

  12. Names:Chips (as In poker)
    “C” games is a tough one.But games names…
    The litter nane could be “Ceasars Palace”!

  13. Oh yay!!! Good going, Mama Canasta!

    So happy to hear and read that she and the kittens are doing well!

    • I thought about suggesting that one, especially for a woolly/longhair fuzzball! Somebody already mentioned euchre as well, which I might be more appreciative of if I didn’t routinely get skunked every time I attempt to play… 😛

  14. So excited to see she finally let them into this world! Only the best of wishes to the lady and her babies. May you all have good health and loving homes ahead of you!

  15. Oops I thought you were doing a game theme (I earlier suggested Jenga) instead of just cards so I’ll replace that suggestion with Solitaire.