2-24-21 Wednesday

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Edited to add, 2 pm: Oops, sorry! I meant to post first thing this morning and forgot. No kittens, no signs of kittens.


For a cat who’s 12 months pregnant, she sure seems to be living the life.

Getting cuddles.

Giving attitude.

The ham-mick gives that belly just the right amount of support, apparently.

That’s a whole lotta belly, ma’am.

Given how perfectly fine Canasta is acting – playing, sleeping, eating like a horse – we’ve opted to put off a visit to the vet. Should she show even the slightest sign of distress, I will get her to the vet immediately, but there’s nothing in how she’s acting that makes me think she needs it. Obviously she just wasn’t as far along as we thought she was when we got her. (Reminder: she had a litter in the fall before she came into rescue; her body has done this before.)

I hear that this weekend is a full moon. Not that Canasta cares.

(Side note: I realized during a conversation yesterday that y’all think when I check on Canasta in the middle of the night, I actually get up and go check on her. I don’t – I have Nest cameras in the room (no, I will not make them public) and checking on her consists of turning over, grabbing my phone, bringing up the Nest app and locating where in the room she is. It’s pretty easy since lately she’s nearly always either on the couch or in one of the beds by the window. It takes me a few minutes to get back to sleep, but if I actually got up and walked to the foster room to check on her, it’d take me much longer to get back to sleep.)


We’ve had more sun this past few days than I think we’ve had in the past 6 months. No complaints from Archie!


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2-24-21 Wednesday — 12 Comments

  1. I didn’t know that Canasta’s has already had a litter (or maybe I did, but my mind just heard *natter natter blah blah KITTENS blah blah natter*).

    Man, that cannot be comfortable… (Oh, and what is this “sunshine” of which you speak?)

  2. She is a rather long, large cat — so I’m guessing she will have many kittens. My largest batch was 9, but unfortunately one didn’t live. That particular mama was on the smaller side, and I always wondered if that one was crowded out or something. Looking forward to seeing the kittens, and I know they will all turn out to be large cats (as most of yours do; good health/treatment helps!) Finger crossed we see ’em soon!

  3. She is crazy lucky to be with you. I am very anxious to see what colors her kittens are.

  4. I just love the photos of Canasta lounging laziky, with her magnificent belly the center of the view. She certainly knows how to get attention, which obviously you are reluctant to do!