7-7-22 Thursday

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Lizzie and Fergus check their looks in the mirror.

Lizzie can’t believe how CUTE she is.

Roger shows off his toeses.

Angus shows off his Ears of Annoyance. It’s an annoyance pie!

Jamie? Nope. No Jamie here!

Marsali considers her next move.

Fergus needs a kiss, don’t you think?

Marsali, Jamie and Ian are keeping an eye on me.

Lord John is all “This doesn’t involve you, lady.”

Ian gives Jocasta a hug. Awww!

Jenny admiring herself.

Brianna the little poser.


Alice wonders if I’ve come to kiss her. (I have.)

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Roger pie! Now that’s how you start your day off right.

ATTENTION: WE HAVE A FLY IN THE FOSTER ROOM. Fortunately, Marsali’s on the case and that fly… well, it got away. Better luck next time, Marsali!

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Jenny’s the first kitten I’ve seen get up on top of the window like that (and please note how she looks up, like she’s thinking “Surely I can get higher?”) I guess if you want an adventurer, Jenny’s your girl!⁠

(She’s still available; email Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info (at) ffhsv.org to inquire. We’re located in Huntsville, Alabama)

I was tossing toys, and caught this shot of Ian (back) and Fergus. I love that both of Ian’s back feet are off the floor.

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The kittens still aren’t quite sure about this game where I toss toys for them, but they’re learning.

Jamie gets some sun, while Angus stays sun-adjacent.

Good night innernets. (Angus)


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