7-25-22 Monday

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Roger snoozing on the side of the bed. Seems comfy!

Lizzie’s thinking real hard… about how she’s going to chew some more pieces off that cardboard box and ptooey them around the room. She’s a giver.

Angus and his pretty, pretty eyes.

That laundry basket is there (right outside the foster room) so I can put cleaning rags or rugs or whatever else needs to be tossed in the washer. Only now I have to keep it empty, because the kittens knock it over and hang out in it. I’m not sure Brianna’s heavy enough to pull it down, though.

Marsali wonders if it’s nap time. (ALWAYS.)

It’s an Ian in a basket, waiting for me to toss some toys.

Jocasta is just so darn pretty.

Ping pong balls give Jenny the crazy eyes.


Charlie wants to play and Archie… does not.


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Marsali is the SWEETEST, in case you wondered.

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Another successful toy-tossing play session!

I think Roger is 96.8% ears at this point.

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This video is from before Jamie went home (it was hiding on my hard drive). Brianna and Angus were tussling… and I bet you can guess who started it. (Wasn’t Angus!)

Good night innernets. (Ian, and his basket of toys.)

Lizzie from above. She is so stinkin’ cute.

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Roger and Ian have a snuggle and a purrrr…

Brianna likes to sit on this bucket and watch me scoop the litter boxes. Judging by that expression, she’s not impressed.

Good night innernets. (Roger, Marsali and Ian)

Jocasta wonders – just curious! – if I’ve noticed it’s time for breakfast. She’s here to assist in any way necessary.

Angus has a sleepy.

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Marsali recommends naps for everyone. I’m in! How about you?

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I know the hall part of this video is dark, but I love that with the heart-shaped mirror on the wall, you can see what’s going on in the hall AND what’s going on in the room.

Good night innernets. (Jenny)


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