7-13-22 Wednesday

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Remember the Easter Camper and how I was all “Holds up really well!”?

Famous last words.

First they cave the roof in. So every time I walked into the room, I’d pop the roof back up.

Then they started just totally taking it apart.

I’d put it back together, they’d take it apart.

And they were just so PROUD of themselves.

Finally, they just chewed through the tabs and made it impossible to put it back together.

(If I had taped the tabs down when I first put it together, it’d probably have held together a bit longer. But alas! I totally forgot, and by the time I thought of it, it was too late. RIP Easter Camper!)

“You won’t remember next time either, lady.” Jocasta’s right. I won’t.

At least the wooden furniture is holding up. (Famous last words, right?)

Little slackers in the sunshine.

Marsali in the little pink Adirondak chair; Jamie in the sunshine with the crazy eyes.

Ian’s all “I would never destroy a cardboard camper. I’m little Mister Innocent.”

And Fergus is all “Oh, I would. I’m chew that thing to bits.”

Angus and Lord John are all “Yeah, we chewed it. And we ain’t sorry.”


Charlie and Khal, keeping me company at bed time.


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that Brianna and Roger were in the litter box (which is why I had a picture of all the other kittens and not those two.) I got a few “Together?!” comments that leads me to believe that not everyone knows that kittens DO NOT go to the litter box alone. If one of them is in there, another one’s on the way to join. It’s the RULES. Here’s some proof. (Poor Mama.) (Side note: We have three large litter boxes similar to that one Jocasta is in, and the long, low storage box that all the kittens are in. I scoop 4 times a day at minimum, and sometimes more often. No, it does not stink in my foster room, unless someone has JUST used the litter box.)

Oh that Lizzie with those gorgeous eyes and that sleek fur. She is just the CUTEST.

YouTube link
That Angus is just the HAPPIEST boy.

Brianna’s all “You’re about to come kiss me, aren’t you, lady?” How’d she know?!

YouTube link
They’re havin’ a wild time in the kitten room today!

Fergus is all “Paws UP, y’all!”

Good night innernets. (Marsali)


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