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Last night, Aslan was adopted!!!!

This just leaves Leia and Buttercup and Khaleesi waiting for their forever homes. Could today be the day? I think it could! I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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Ember shows Norbert who the boss is (hint: it ain’t Norbert!)

Ruth does her tongue-stretching exercises.

“Those tongue-stretching exercises were SECRET. You weren’t supposed to KNOW!”

Scorch loves him some sunshine.

As does Norbert.

They’re fond of the sunshine, is what I’m saying.

Scorch’s eyes are changing ever so slowly.

Ember’s clearly planning to be an itty bitty. She’s barely over 2 pounds. I was wondering if she was going to make it by the 3-month mark, but she did with a couple of weeks to spare.

Scorch has taken the “talkative love bug” role, now that his mother isn’t around to fill it. He’s the first downstairs in the morning, and if he needs some love, he’ll let you know.

Ruth says “Hey! I can be a love bug, too. If I want to. Which I don’t, so nevermind.”

Puff and Norbert knocked this box over on its side and then slept in it. Obviously I’m BOTHERING them, if Puff’s “Eff you” ears are anything to go by.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I have no pictures of the Starks, but I have videos! These are from about a week ago, which makes them around 3 weeks old in the videos. It was from when they were living in the bathroom, which is why you’ll hear the hum of the fan in the background.

YouTube link.

YouTube link.

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In breaking news: Jake still loves his Tommy.


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7-13-13 — 10 Comments

  1. Those kitteh videos makes me itch to get my hands on them. I could just almost feel the little fat bellies! Thanks!

  2. Yeah Aslan!! Love the pic of Ember staring to distance resting on her paw. Great breaking news ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. I’m always ridiculously happy when I see a Saturday installment of L&H. (And when there’s a Sunday one, I’m delirious with joy!) I’m going to have serious problems when there aren’t enough kittens to generate six days of L&H content!

    I love Puff’s crossed front legs in the photo on the bed. Someone said in yesterday’s comments that he’s an “old soul” and I think you can see it in that pose too!

    And Ember’s likelihood of being an itty-bitty! I love the itty-bitties. I’ve always had small cats, and I love ’em that way. They seem a bit more kitten-ish if they’re so small. (Also there’s less cat to fight with when you have to get them into a carrier or pill them and so forth…. though my littlest one was such a hellion at the vet’s that she had the entire staff terrorized and her charts were full of all sorts of warnings in RED!! But she was never any trouble with me….) Anyway…. I ramble…..

    Haven’t looked at the videos yet. I will save those for later or for Sunday… I often do that to make the enjoyment last….

  4. I love Ember’s pose where she’s resting her head on her arm and gazing soulfully into the distance. My family calls that a Sears Portrait Studio pose when our cats do it!

  5. Many congratulations to Aslan’s family, and I hope they’ll send along updates. And let’s hope that the remaining Royals get to choose their families today! Dragons rule and Starks rock.

    • In this land we’ve defended from all things dark and cruel / Now we are defenseless in a land where dragons rule

      Sorry – this musical moment brought to you by obscure European bands and too much time on the road today ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Old man Murphy jumped up on my desk, flopped down, and watched the video of the Starks with great interest.

  7. i love the fact that with Kate’s group the black cats were adopted very quickly instead of sitting around, but I’m also hoping that the other’s get adopted soon too.
    and omg the starks are just so adorableeee