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In case you missed Saturday’s post, Aslan was adopted on Friday!

Neither Leia nor Buttercup was adopted over the weekend, but I’m sure their forever home will be along soon.

Susan did report that the people who adopted Bitsy Beans back in January came back and adopted another kitten. It appears that Bitsy’s been harassing their older cat and needed a playmate. Now, why am I not surprised that Bitsy was harassing the older cat? Silly girl.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Scorch has turned the mouthiest little love bug. If he doesn’t know where either the humans are (he prefers Fred, but I’ll apparently do in a pinch) he cries and cries ’til someone calls to him. He doesn’t want to be picked up, he just wants to lay on one of us or flop against one of us. And he purrs and purrs and purrs.

And kneads, too. He’s a big-time kneader. He’s kneady, I guess you could say.

Whose bright idea was it to put that picture so close to the cat tree – or the cat tree so close to the picture? Every time I walk in, it’s askew.

“We is tryin’ to knock it off the wall, lady. Just one of the services we offer for free!”

Sweet Ember.

Norbert gives me attitude (and shows that the blue is mostly gone from his eyes.)

“You come pet me, lady.”

Ruth in the sun.

And Puffles in the sun. Perhaps I’ve mentioned that these guys enjoy the sunshine?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hodor, you seem to have a little something… all OVER your face.

And Arya, you appear to have a food beard.

Quite the pair, aren’t you?

Jon Snow, with just a bit of food on his face. He just refuses to be interested in the canned food mixed with baby food and KMR that Arya and Hodor love so much.

Come here, little one. Let me clean that food off your face.

“No! Am saving it for later! I might get hungry!”


(Sorry. Couldn’t resist.)


“I’m not interested in that canned food stuff either, lady. Bring on the bottle and be quick about it!”

Places to go!

So I’ve at least got Arya and Hodor eating canned food. Brandon and Jon Snow, not so much. It’s entirely possible that those two are eating kibble (I have a couple of bowls of BabyCat available at all times, along with a small bowl of water), they’re certainly not starving. They’ll come around to the canned food sooner or later; they always do!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Now that the days have gotten so warm, Maxi prefers to spend her days on the swing on the front porch. There’s usually a breeze there, and it’s quite pleasant even on the warmest of days.


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7-15-13 — 30 Comments

  1. Is it possible Hodor thinks that food goes in the mouth…and the nose..and ears..and eyes? The better to eat it with?

  2. So you have two bottle babies left – but are they all using the litter box now, or do you still have that duty, too?
    (Inquisitive mind wants to know…)

    • Oh, they’re all using the litter box. There have been a few accidents, but for the most part they’re doing really well!

  3. Hodor’s song was excellent! Ha!

    YAY for Aslan!!!!

    Maxi, I wouldn’t mind joining you….

  4. Robyn, The last three litters of kittens you have had all have had beautiful colorings, markings. They all looks so healthy and loved. You are such a good foster momma 🙂 Love the pic of Brandon, looks like he is waving.

  5. As you know, my neighbor and I are co-parenting four kittens born under my front porch. They are now at the stage where they are using their tiny needlelike claws to climb everything. I don’t mind the bedding but using my legs to attain top of the mountain status has to stop. What’s your advice?

    • Clip their claws! You can YouTube videos on how to do it properly (if you haven’t done it before), but basically just clip the tips off their claws. If you don’t have a cat claw clipper thingy (I have no idea what it’s actually called), you can use fingernail clippers. It makes a world of difference in your comfort level.

      • Lord. I never even THOUGHT about clipping their claws. I thought you were going to tell me some secret magic command to make them stop using my legs for pin cushions. I blame it on lack of sleep. Or early onset senility. Whichever.

  6. “kneady” snicker….

    yep – the foods must go ALL over the face….the better to make sure you are eating enough. 🙂 and those dragons crack me up!

  7. The cuteness abounds! I love the song and the picture of Brandon at the end but the Norbs…melts me every time!

  8. Ho-dor, Ho-dor, Hodor! Ho-dor, Ho-dor, Hodor!

    See what you’ve started Robyn?!? 🙂

  9. Love the picture of the Dragons all on the cat tree. Such cute little bugs… I’m gonna miss them when they head off to Petsmart.

  10. I want to hang out on that swing with Maxi. With some lemonade.

    Those itty bitty Starks suddenly look grown up, what with their popped ears and all! So cute.

    So in our constant (well, once-a-year) search for better cat litter, we’ve tried Swheat Scoop for the first time, and every time I catch sight of the bag, I think the cat on it looks like Stinkerbelle. But I just looked up Stinkerbelle’s page, and there’s as not much resemblance as I thought — I guess it’s just the blue eyes: http://www.wag.com/cat/p/swheat-scoop-natural-wheat-litter-146575

    • That cat looks way too sweet to be our Stinkerbelle. 🙂 Definitely the same gorgeous blue eyes, though!

      • So, how do you like the litter? I’d love something that didn’t track EVERYWHERE.

        • It’s not great — it doesn’t clump very well, and the odor is… let’s just say “organic. It’s not as bad as the odor of World’s Best, but I clean the litter box (we have two cats) once a day and after a couple of days it was pretty bad. I’ll use it up and go back to our old standby, Everclean. I had wanted something that was safer for us (we have an 8-month-old. A human one.) and our cats, but I guess we’ll just have to put up with the dust. At least until I forget that we’ve found what works and decide to experiment again!

  11. I couldn’t believe how the Starks have suddenly grown into looking like kittens! How did that happen so fast? Just a few days ago they still looked like over-sized furry grubs with arms and legs….

    LOVED the Hodor song. That made me laugh out loud.

    • Thanks to You Tube, I finally understand the Hodor! Hodor! reference. Yay!
      It’s not likely I will be watching the TV series, but it is good to have a clue. 🙂

  12. Oh Norbert, sweet sweet Norbert.. someone is going to be oh so lucky when they nab you up..

    and Brandon, you have it right not being in too much of a rush to grow up..