Some sights from around the back yard this morning.

Just sitting there, all casually, atop the gate leading into the chicken yard.

I assume this cicada shed his shell and was hanging out for a few minutes ’til he was ready to take off.

Top-heavy sunflowers.

I hate these Japanese Beetles. All they do is chew on the plants, then sit around on the weeds and fornicate, making new baby Japanese Beetles. UGH.

The girls are really starting to look like chickens, with their red.. head thingies (I don’t know what they’re called) coming up, and their red wattles developing. They should start laying eggs in the next few weeks, I think.


Gilligan, Maryanne, and Spanky are adapting well to not having Tina Louise around. In fact, they don’t really seem to notice that she’s missing. Gilligan’s starting to get more affectionate – he’ll sit and let me scratch behind his ears and on his back for a long, long time. He freaks out if I try to pick him up (I just want to kiss him!), but he’ll come over if I wiggle my fingers at him, and let me pet him. Definite progress!

In the morning and evening, the kittens get a little snack of a spoonful of plain lowfat yogurt on a plate. They like it a lot, but Gilligan has decided he doesn’t like it anymore. That’s fine with Maryanne and Spanky – more for them!

“I just don’t see what all the fuss is about, lady.”

“You hear that, Elizabeth? I’m coming to join you, honey!”


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2005: So, it is done.

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