7-22-22 Friday

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I have admired the blue track toy for years now. Can you tell me from where you bought it, or maybe tell me the brand name? Thanks in advance!

That is a Bergan Turbo scratcher ( link for reference ) . The scratcher in the middle is replaceable, which is really nice!


Hmmm…. are you sure Roger isn’t trying to strangle Ian?? He seems to have him pinned down! 😉

The ol’ chomperoo is Roger’s love language!


They LOVE that stuffed possum. I haven’t seen anyone carrying it (yet), but it moves around so much that I think someone is. Even though it’s as big as they are!

Jenny likes that she can kick it around and it doesn’t fight back.

Jocasta enjoying some sun while Jenny, Angus and Ian keep her company.

Angus is all “Is there room up there for me?”
Jocasta: “NO.”

“Are you sure? Because I think I could fit up there…”

Jocasta’s pretty sure this is my fault.

In case you ever wondered why Jocasta isn’t in any of the kittens-lined-up pics, it’s because she immediately jumps down. She doesn’t want to be in a crowd of kittens, thank you.


Charlie LOVES to be outside.


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Marsali keeps her eye on the feather teaser.

YouTube link
Jocasta is just a flirt, is what she is.

That pink Adirondack chair is just perfect for Brianna, isn’t it?

YouTube link
A little bit of Marsali… and Angus, too!

Good night innernets. (Roger)


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