7-4-22 Monday

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Angus loves to show off that spotted belly.

Roger wonders if I’m going to snatch him up and kiss him. (Always.)

Please note that Jamie has seriously fabulous whiskers.

And fabulous whiskers must run in the family, because Lord John Grey’s whiskers are awesome as well.

Jocasta says “They get it from their mama. And yes, I know he’s back there.”

How cute is Fergus? SO cute.

Roger, Marsali and Jenny, hanging out.

Ian’s all “Yep, that’s my tum.” and Marsali says “Sure is! It’s a good one!”

Brianna in the fishy tunnel, feelin’ smug.

Lizzie looks like she’s having a brain freeze.


It’s a Charlie-Bear in a Charlie chair.


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

Angus is such a cutie pie.

Here’s the current status on the Outlander Clan kittens: Angus & Ian are adoption pending TOGETHER. Fergus is joining a home locally with a playful kitty in residence. And Lord John Grey is joining a non-local home with a playful kitty in residence. (None of them are neutered yet, so they’ll be with us for a while longer.)⁠

This leaves Jenny, Marsali, Roger, Brianna, Lizzie, Jamie, and mama Jocasta (not pictured) still available. Email Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info (at) ffhsv.org if you’re interested in any (or ALL) of them. (We’re located in Huntsville, Alabama.)⁠

In the meanwhile, just be impressed by the fact that I got a picture where you can see all their faces. It was NOT easy, believe you me.

YouTube link
Here comes Jamie! I like it when I call a kitten and he comes to me. It doesn’t happen nearly enough (unless there’s a Churu or toy in my hand.)

That’s a perfectly Jamie-sized box right there.

YouTube link
3 minutes of kitten play time. Please note that Ian’s doing a lot of skitterbugging in this video.

Good night innernets. (Queen Jocasta)

Good morning sunshine. (Jenny)

Trying to get a shot of all 10 kittens looking at me; none of them came out all that well, but Lizzie’s “smile” (she was chattering at the feather teaser) is cracking me UP.

YouTube link
Lizzie in the fishy tunnel, chasing her tail. As you do.

Jamie and Marsali are just too darn CUTE.

Good night innernets. (Roger)

I love it when they realize the fishy tunnel (which came from Aldi… last year, I think?) has side-tunnels. Jamie thought it was kinda awesome.

YouTube link
Roger can’t help it, he’s just so CUTE.

Roger the sleepy bunny.

YouTube link
Fergus and Ian are BIG fans of that giant spring toy.* (And bonus Angus in my lap, purring.)⁠

*That spring is actually a binding spine/spiral/coil. You can find them on Amazon or eBay (or even do a Google search), and you generally have to buy a bunch at once (I think I got 50 2 years ago.) The particulars as far as size, that spring is: 16mm, 125 Sheet Capacity, 4:1 The kittens LOVE them.

6 of 10! And yes, there is a feather teaser up there. From left. Front: Marsali, Angus, Lord John Grey, Jamie. In the back: Fergus and Lizzie.

Good night innernets. (Fergus)


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