7-4-16 Monday

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Happy Independence Day, Americans – and a belated Happy Canada Day, Canadians!

If I were more organized, I’d have pictures of the kittens all gussied up in red, white and blue, but alas I am not. Maybe next year! (Probably not.)

Oh, wait! I think this is fitting for today’s post; I first posted it in 2014.

That cross-stitch picture is a Calico Crossroads/Kats by Kelly pattern. (The Calico Crossroads/Kats by Kelly patterns are discontinued, but you can find them on eBay and Etsy, as well as other online stores.)

(I really need to get back into cross-stitching…)


OH, those ears. OH, those whiskers! OH, that boy.

Eyes on the prize.

Whiskers in the sun.

“I’ve got it! I’ve got it!” says Felix.
“You don’t got it,” says Webster.
(Webster is right.)

Play time in the front room with Uncle Stefan.


In case you were curious, Felix is not the only jumper in this duo.

(Pardon the blurriness. I appear to have lost my mojo when it comes to leaping pictures.)

One more day with these delightful little monkeys, and then off they go to their awesome forever home. They’ve been an awful lot of fun to have around, but they have decided that they are 100% over this “screen door” business, and if they can see us on the other side, they are ALL about coming and hanging out with us. On the up side, once we let them out into the house, they run around and have fun and don’t get into too much trouble. They clearly just want to be where the people are, and if they can get there, they’re happy.

Once they’re gone, the house will be without fosters for a while. I’m headed off on vacation at the end of the week, and Fred will have enough on his plate just dealing with the day to day chores (mine in addition to his), so more fosters will have to wait ’til I get back.

But don’t worry – I’ll have kitten pics for the rest of the week, and I’ve already pre-written and scheduled posts for while I’m gone, so there’ll be something here every day ’til we are fostered up again.


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  1. I don’t think you’ve lost your mojo at all — I LOVE those leaping photos! Stefan and I will miss those boys but know there will be more Mini-hims in the offing. Godspeed, Webster and Felix, and may your family enrich us with regular updates.

  2. I’m gonna miss these chillaxin kittens! Robyn, enjoy your vacation! I have a question for your readers, if I may….
    Have any of your readers who are on facebook been faced with blocked access to facebook, by facebook, UNTIL you upload two forms of ID to prove you are who you say you are? I’m currently going through this, cannot access my account, and DO NOT feel comfortable providing ANY personal information other than what I gave to open my facebook account way back when… They’re wanting driver’s license, government ID, utility bill, library card, etc., there’s an entire list of ‘acceptable forms of identification’… Is this something new? Have I been hacked? It looks legitimate as all communication is coming from facebook… eye yi yi,,, not sure about anything about this mess…

    • I’ve never heard of anything like that on Facebook! I have to wonder if your account was hacked… Can you contact Facebook directly?

    • That sounds like either your FB name has triggered some “not a real name” filter, or someone reported you for using a fake name on Facebook. I’ve seen this happen a lot because I have friends/friends of friends who don’t use their legal names on FB (for a lot of very sound reasons).

    • Jeweled Skye – there are a LOT of scams that say your FB account is being locked. You really have to check where the notice originated. But it is also true FB may lock your account; the most typical way is someone reports you as not using your real name – legal name is basically what they mean. Or someone reported that your account was hacked. Both of these are usually done by someone trying to harass you, or someone you know disagrees violently with something you posted. Occasionally FB will toss out some accounts because they run audits and names that sound fake to the algorithm will get flagged and blocked.

      Go here to see the legit forms of ID they take: https://www.facebook.com/help/159096464162185
      You generally only need two forms if you cannot provide a gov’t-ID with a pic. A driver license should suffice. If you do send them an ID, make a copy of the ID, then mark out EVERYTHING not required with a very thick black marker. They only want the name of ID (like where it says the state and then DL), your name and either your b-day or your photo. Mark everything else out. Then upload that and send it. Don’t try to use an online program to mark stuff out or “erase” it. It may still be recoverable if this is a scam.

      Generally the notice includes a date when your account will be locked. If you are unsure of the provenance of the notice, wait until the notice expires. If you are locked out, it was FB and you can follow the guidelines above. If you are not locked out, it was a scam you didn’t fall for.

      Good Luck.

    • I was kicked out of my account until I changed my name to something that sounded legitimate. I was using connie kittyblog because I’m not a fan of putting my real identity out on the web. I posted a comic that was so popular I received about 100 friend requests over it… which is when fb decided I needed a ‘real’ name, so I gave them one..

      if I remember correctly, if I wanted to keep the name i was using I had to provide id..

  3. Happy Independence Day! We bet you’ve already given each kitten four kisses each for the 4th! Have a good day and a wonderful vacation!

  4. I love it when cat art acknowledges their butts. Because cats are so very proud of their butts.

  5. Robyn I hope you are going north and not south for this vacation! I think your MB vacay is usually later, but they are predicting 100+ degree days here all this week… :p