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AWESOME start to a three-day weekend!!!


Happy Independence Day, Americans! (And happy belated Canada Day, Canadians!) I thought this was a fitting picture for today’s post.

That cross-stitch picture is a Calico Crossroads/Kats by Kelly pattern. They have patterns for each month, and I’ve finished all but December (they’re very small pictures, about 4×4″, I think). Once I’m done, I’m planning to have them all framed together in one picture, to hang on the wall. The Calico Crossroads/Kats by Kelly patterns are discontinued, but you can find them on eBay and Etsy, as well as other online stores.


Chachi!? all of a sudden you smuggle in a new and stunningly gorgeous cat??

I did mention him way back in April!

For anyone who doesn’t want to go back and read, Chachi showed up late last year. He wasn’t coming around often, and we assumed he was completely feral because every time he caught sight of either of us, he beat a hasty retreat. He only showed up at night and very early in the morning – in fact, we saw him on the game cam for a couple of months before we ever spotted him in person.

Then he started showing up occasionally during the day. He’s still not around very much, but he does show up, sprays the tires of my car (THANK YOU, CHACHI), eats, and lets us both pet him. Fred tested him by picking him up once or twice, and Chachi allows it, but doesn’t much care for it. We’re hoping to get him tested and neutered next week.


Chachi is super-cute! Does this mean you have 14 now? 😉 Also, is there a Joanie?

I guess it means we have 14 as far as caring for them. He’s more interested in food than people, and will allow petting but doesn’t come looking for it, so he’ll make a good outside cat. I need to put a collar and note on him, to make sure he doesn’t HAVE a home already!

There’s no Joanie – YET, at least. Fred was calling Stefan “Stefonzie”, so I went with a Happy Days theme when Chachi showed up.


Is that Marshall with the big yelling voice? He’s clearly more hungry than all the others!

Marshall is indeed the one who yells the loudest at snack time, and though I didn’t catch it on video, he sometimes twirls in place while he’s waiting for me to put the snack plate down. He is one seriously cute lanky boy.


Fred cooks/bakes?! I thought he spent all his free time wooing wayward cats and writing horror novels.

Fred is a very talented baker/chef, but cooks and bakes rarely. The only reason he made the blackberry cobbler is because I was busy and wouldn’t stop what I was doing to make it for him.


I wanted to point out that in that first pic with Mooch (jeesh, every time I go to type his name, my mind says “type ‘Smooch'”!), it looks like he’s wearing spectacles on a chain (you know, like granny’s glasses that she hangs around her neck). Soooo cute!

He kinda does! That is just adorable.


“Now that the Lady saz this my forever home, I don’t need to be nice and help with the little ones to make her love me more. This my home always”



And just so the universe hears my plea…WHEN ARE THESE KITTIES GOING TO GET ADOPTED? Did any adoptions happen earlier this week? I was stalking your facebook post in the hope of an announcement.

Every night that adoption hours are taking place, I totally stalk the Challenger’s House Facebook page in hopes that some wonderful adoption news will be posted. And I watch TV with my cell phone right next to me, in case the adoption counselor calls or texts or emails. During Tuesday adoption hours, my cell phone rang, and you can imagine how disappointed I was when I discovered it was a telemarketer calling!


surely it’s not “Open Mouth of Outrage” but Open Orifice of Orange Outrage … lol

Ha, yes, that too!


ok – I admit, I love going back and reading posts. Yesterday in 2011 it said “no ducks, no pond” which made me laugh. And I laughed even harder today when I saw the picture of the ducks chasing the chickens. Oh how times have changed…. 🙂


I love reading those really old posts and thinking how young and naive 2007 Robyn was, especially the ones where you say “we are absolutely, positively, definitely not keeping ::insert permanent resident name here:: 🙂

You guys have NO IDEA how many times I’ve typed definite “No way we’re [whatever]” statements and then deleted them!


It’s best to avoid buying seedlings from Lowes and other big box stores until they get rid of plants treated with neonicotinoids, a type of pesticide linked to honeybee deaths. Since honeybee populations are in a steep decline in the U.S., we need to help them out. Just for starters, without honeybees, we’d have little food and no fruit!

Thanks for that information! The plants are going back, and I’m going to double my efforts to make the habanero plants stand up and start producing. If I don’t get any habaneros off our own plants, I’ll find them somewhere around here, I’m sure.


Gilbert likes to drag the long-legged cheetah into his fish cave and chomp on it.


Sweet, sweet Mooch.

Marshall likes to hang out at the bottom of the stairs and make a run for it when one of us goes through the door. Sometimes we let him run around downstairs for a little while. On this occasion, he made a beeline into my room and shimmied up the cat tree.

He sniffed the platforms vigorously.

He looked out the window at the birds and bugs.

He checked out the small cat tree.

And he said “hi” to Grandma Poo, who smacked him and then hissed for good measure. (He didn’t take it personally.) Then I decided he’d had enough exploring, and I put him back behind the screen door.

I was waving a feather teaser around for the kittens, and Angelo came out to see what was going on.

A shot of the kittens (except for Marshall) and Angelo.

“I’ma sharpen my claws. You don’t have a PROBLEM with that, DO you?”

Pretty, pretty boy. I don’t think I’ve mentioned this lately, Fred calls Angelo “Dewey”, because he says he looks like Dewey from Malcolm in the Middle.


Maxi does her Tony Soprano impression.

You probably expected to see Corbie today, it being Friday and all. But with the addition of Dennis to the permanent resident roster, I decided that rather than let Corbie hog every single Friday, I’d just add him to the regular rotation. I actually have a schedule written on my calendar (in the order they joined the family), and each permanent resident gets a turn at having their picture posted – I have to stick to the schedule, otherwise there are certain permanent residents you’d hardly ever see and others you’d be seeing constantly. We’ve gotta be FAIR, y’know.


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7-4-14 — 8 Comments

  1. I’m so excited for Orlando and his family — a happy Fourth indeed! It’s excellent, too, to see Angelo out and about.

  2. Happy 4th to all at Crooked Acres! I hope the fireworks don’t scare the Perms and fosters, if you have any go off nearby.

    And yay for Orlando!!!

  3. Happy 4th of July to all and congratulations to Orlando for getting a (hopefully) wonderful furever home…or perhaps I should say congratulations to the adopter(s) for getting such a wonderful cat.

  4. Did Corbie put up a fuss on not being Friday kitty anymore ?? Will he start a campaign so he can be re-elected ??

    Happy 4th of July !!!!

  5. Thank heavens someone came to their sentences and realized that wow, Orlando!!!!

    Happy Fourth everyone and have a safe holiday!

  6. Happy 4th of July!

    Congrats Orlando. May your life be filled with love, safety and catnip!

  7. Yay Orlando! Now won’t someone please come and get lovely Tricki and Livia already?!