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In case you missed it, there was a post on Friday with some VERY EXCITING adoption news!

Now if we could just get homes for Livia, Tricki and Angelo, I’d be happy!


Saturday marked 9 years since we lost Mia, the mother of our very first foster litter. I wrote a tribute to her the next day. I didn’t want that anniversary to go unremarked; I always think about her this time of year.


It’s not WAHHHHHHHnesday, Gilbert.
“I don’t caaaaaaaaare!”

A bit of the ol’ attitude from Grant.

Sweet brudders.

“Tired of your nonsense, lady. Get me DOWN from here.”

Grant and Blaster, keeping their eyes on the feather teaser.

I finally moved that (huge) canvas picture of Tubby up to Fred’s room. Tubby left us before we started fostering, but I 100% believe he’d have loved having fosters around to play and snuggle with, so I’m declaring him the patron saint of kittens.

Having captured Mooch’s tail, Grant decides it’s time for a nap.

Gilbert lubs those feathers.

“Where’d the feathers GO?!”

Blaster likes to watch the bugs fly around outside the windows.

Marshall, showing off his fabulous stripes.

Angelo, keeping an eye on those rascally kittens.

I made a time-lapse video of the foster room, this time complete with soundtrack! Those kittens certainly get around.

YouTube link.


Stinkerbelle loves her Tommy.

LOVES him.


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7-7-14 — 20 Comments

  1. I never realized, until that 3rd pic, how much alike Blaster and Mooch look. Like a picture and the negative

  2. Oh, the Mia story always destroys me. What a sweet momma.

    I watched the “Night in the Foster Room” video over breakfast with my almost-20-month-old daughter, who sat in her highchair wiggle-dancing to “Yakety Sax” and yelling “CAT! CAT! CAT!” When the video ended she looked up at me sadly and said, “No more cat.” (Don’t feel bad for her. We have two of our own plus a foster, so all she really needs to do is look around and she’ll see more cats…)

  3. Some months ago I went back to read all the posts on Mia and her kittens not knowing what would happen. I was heartbroken. Robyn – I honestly do not know how you continued to foster after that. OH.

    On a brighter note….yay for Orlando’s adoption last week and another Challenger House kitty, Christie’s adoption over the weekend. I cried when I read on Facebook that she had been waiting for almost a year for her family and was so relieved when they came this weekend! Now to find Livia’s family and Angelo’s and Miss Tricki’s!

    • It’s the success stories that make one continue on. Also, if a little life is to end, in their final days at least they were loved, sheltered, fed, and are able to pass as painlessly and peacefully as possible.

    • I have to say that I’ve been incredibly lucky, after that rough start to fostering. I’m a little amazed myself that I wasn’t put off the experience, but I don’t think I even hesitated to keep fostering.

      I am still tickled pink that Orlando was adopted, and thrilled for Christie!

  4. Not sure how I ever missed those stories of Mia. I knew and loved Snoopy and all those fosters but somehow didn’t realize that they had such a brave and sweet mama.

  5. So how is Dennis doing as a permanent resident? Since he’s been spoken for we haven’t much of his face..

    • He’s doing well – I’ve got some pictures of him being naughty, I think I’ll do a Saturday post about him this week!

  6. re time lapse.. I am at work and the big head honcho owner is in the office so I played it with out sound.. I imagined the benny hill music being played with the video and it fit so perfectly that I was going to comment as such, but then I thought I better check and see what you really used.. wasn’t I surprised when it was the same.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you for sharing Mia’s story again.

    • That music is so perfect for those kind of videos that I think I’ll probably ALWAYS use it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Grant does remind me of Gavin (Rescuees), though not quite so constantly disapproving!
    I’ve enjoyed reading Stinkerbelle’s adoption story, and seeing her love-at-first-sight for Tommy.