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Leapin’ Tuesday!

I was taking a picture of Gilbert, in that tuna can bed, when Blaster went blastin’ through.

Gilbert (I think), with Marshall in hot pursuit.


“Be vewy vewy quiet.” I love how both his feet are off the floor.

Grant is SO over Mooch’s shenanigans.

(And Mooch SO does not care.)

They must leap over that brick 3,000 times a day. (That brick is there to stop the door from closing. There’s a brick on the other side to stop it from opening all the way, which would block the door to the closet, where the litter boxes are.)

I love Gilbert’s big ol’ bunny feet.

Preparing for the leap.


And he sticks the landing quite nicely.

They certainly do love the cat tree in my room.

In the background, you can see Gilbert leaping from the cat tree to my bed. In the foreground, Marshall’s behind as he checks out the cat tree.

Tandem brudderly leaping.

Marshall, going.

And the return flight.


Sweet, sweet Kara. I swear, that girl would live outside 24 hours a day if we let her. No matter the weather, when all the other cats are flopped down inside under the ceiling fans, in the cool of the air conditioning, Kara is outside keeping the back yard safe. She’s the first one outside in the morning and the last one inside at night. She sleeps on the window shelf right by my bed, and keeps an eye on me at night. She’s such a good sheriff!


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7-8-14 — 21 Comments

  1. Leapin’ Lizards! Those kitties are very SPROINGY!!

    A Sheriff Mama’s work is never done, dontcha know. She’s gotta pertect all who reside at Crooked Acres, even those wascally young’uns!

  2. This batch of kittehs seems to be exceptionally bouncy, or is it just that you’ve been present to capture more bouncy moments than usual? Also, does it follow that an active kitten will become an active cat, or is it just kind of a crapshoot?

    • It’s just kind of a crapshoot, as far as I can tell. They bounce all over the place for the first year, and then calm down in the year after that. They still play (and bounce) as they get older, but not nearly as much.

  3. Every time you post a picture of Kara I want to kiss her sweet face. I have a feeling that she wouldn’t appreciate that much. I’ve said it a million times, but I’ll say it again – she’s my favorite Permanent Resident! (But I do adore ALL of the Permanent Residents!)

    • She actually loves kisses! She always looks so serious, but you only have to look at her to get her to purr. Kittens and other cats, she’s not crazy about. But people – well, at least HER people – she LOVES.

  4. that tandem jump picture is awesome. you get GREAT action shots (and you may have answered this before, but what camera do you use and is it idiot proof?). And yep, being Sheriff is hard work.

    as a side note, we read in the 2011 post that someone asked about shaving George and Gracie. actually, you shouldn’t shave them (though grooming and brushing is a whole different thing)…shaving reduces their guard hairs which keeps them cool and protects them from sunburn. weird but true

    • I actually learned that about not shaving them a few years ago, so I’m really glad we weren’t able to!

      The camera I use most of the time is a Sony A55V, and while it’s not idiot-proof, the good thing is that it’s easy to mess around with the settings and figure out what works for you. There are a lot of pictures I only manage to catch (that tandem jumping picture, for one) because I see movement out of the corner of my eye, swing the camera around, and take the picture without focusing or even really looking.

      Thank god for digital cameras and being able to delete pictures without having to pay to develop them first! πŸ™‚

  5. love, love, love today’s pictures as well as the purple wall color in your bedroom.

    • Thanks! Fred actually chose that paint color, as a surprise to me when we were renovating the house. He’s much better at choosing colors than I am!

    • It’s pretty normal – but he’s so long and lanky right now that it probably looks even longer than it is.

  6. Leapin’ Kittens!

    Sometimes those of us who only have older cats forget just how…mobile…kittens can be. Thanks for this funny reminder. The tandem leap photo is especially awesome,

    I adore Kara!

  7. in the 2nd photo,Gilbert looked like he was off to save the day (or the princess)!

  8. The tandem leaping makes them look like they’re about to start a synchronized swimming routine.