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I just love Gilbert’s swirls and Marshall’s stripes. They’re so striking and so different from each other (which, I guess, is no big shock since they aren’t actually related.)

The look on Angelo’s face is cracking me UP.
“So tired of kittens and their shenanigans.”

“I am anti-shenanigan.”

Blaster gots a mouse. I love that look on his face.

And Grant gots a mylar ball!

Marshall goes for the high slap.

Then runs over to bite Grant. He’s having a bratty moment, apparently.

Marshall gots a mouse.

Blaster’s all “If I hide under here, no one can get me!”

Think again, silly boy.

Grant’s gotten so long and skinny. Also, his ears appear to have grown two sizes.

Blaster’s got the hippity-hops. He totally looks like a little kangaroo there, doesn’t he?

Now Gilbert’s got the mylar ball.

Marshall was trying to balance on that scratcher, and lost his balance. He’s clearly thinking “This isn’t how this was supposed to go.”

For the last few days, I’ve let the kittens have the run of the house for an hour or two in the morning, and then a couple of hours in the evening. It’s going well, but there’s been plenty of hissing from the permanent residents, as always. Dennis is the one who surprised me the most – he actually hissed at them at first, like he didn’t remember them! But then he calmed down, and now he mostly looks amused by their antics.

“UM. No one TOLD ME you were going to let those little kittens into the downstairs. I thought I was rid of them. I was hoodwinked! I’m going to need to speak to my union rep.”


“How YOU doin’?!”


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7-9-14 — 13 Comments

  1. All these pictures made me…well…smile. There isn’t a better way to start the day! Thank you.

    Dennis…love your little face, boy!

    Joe Bob (at first I typo’d it as Hoe Bob…*snort*), Smooches to you!!!

  2. Aw,I feel sorry for those poor, deprived kittehs with so few toys to play with. NOT. LOL

    Love the kitten antics!

  3. How’s it coming on a new name for Dennis? Kinda seems like his name is sticking! Always love to see his sweet face!

  4. poor Dennis – maybe Kara is taking applications for a deputy!

    those kittens crack us up. we call this the teenage stage – all long legs and big ears and lots of energy and no coordination. 🙂 and yet SO much fun

  5. I just ove Joe Bobs white muzzel. Something about it makes me smile big time. And this:”They’re so striking and so different from each other (which, I guess, is no big shock since they aren’t actually related.” made me snort my coffee.

  6. I’m sorry Angelo, but it wasn’t that long ago when you were running around like a wild thing.

    You’re not that old or mature yet!

  7. This batch of orange boys (and Mooch) are too adorable! Again we say we LOVE Gilbert! And perhaps now we know why. Maybe it’s just us, probably it’s just us, but we think we see the letters, “l o v” in his left side markings on the photo of him with the mylar ball. Or maybe it’s, “c l o 7,” which doesn’t work for us as well as, “lov.”

  8. Joe Bob is beautiful, and Dennis looks Devastatingly Handsome in his Crooked Acres Collar. I can’t wait to hear about his newfound naughtiness!

  9. I love Dennis, he looks just like my Anniecat, who presently running about with Boo like her tail is on fire. At midnight…sigh.