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I’m not doing Throw Back Thursday this week because Fred is traveling for work (he’s back late tomorrow), and thus I have to do his chores as well as my own, and it’s keeping me busier than I expected! It’ll be back next week as usual – and if there’s a kitten or litter you’d like to see covered on Throw Back Thursday, let me know.


Mooch came galloping down the hall, and it apparently startled Grant, who went semi-arched and glared at Mooch. Mooch only had eyes for me, though.

“I can’t REMOVE this tag under penalty of law, but nothing says I can’t BITE it!”

First, you notice Gilbert in the tuna can bed, grabbing for Marshall’s tail. But look over there by the closet, and see Grant staring at the mylar ball that he just batted (it’s in the air over by the doll bed), and he has NO IDEA that Blaster is hovering directly above his head. I adore this picture so very much.

I didn’t get a picture of the next instant (where Blaster landed in front of Grant, and Grant popped up a little in surprise), but I did get this picture, wherein you can see that though he grabbed for Marshall’s tail, Gilbert ended up capturing his very own tail instead.

WAHHHHH, I’m da BAYbee!
“Stop making fun of me, lady! I am STARVING and my pain is REAL.”

Smilin’ Blaster.

“You puts down that camera, lady. Is time for NAP.”

Snoozing (and annoyed) Marshall.

“What you doin’, weird lady?”

One cannot properly nap until one is clean.

Sweet, sweet, sweet brudders.

That’s my leg that they’re all snuggled up against. Blaster opted to take his nap on the pagoda in the hall – if you look at the far right, you can see part of him.

Sweet boys.


Tommy and the Loon*, napping in the afternoon sun.

*Would be an excellent crime-fighting duo. Coming soon on FX!



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7-10-14 — 21 Comments

  1. Ugh, I adore Blaster’s perfect little face so much it’s painful. I don’t need another cat, but I want him. 😐

  2. That one picture IS excellent. So much action in one little picture.
    The Loon…well…is looking rather full figured…. 🙂

  3. I’m so in LOVE with Moochy and Marshall. I’m trying to convince my husband that we need to go and get them, but I’m afraid my 4 girl 5 year old kitties would say NO WAY! I’m going to cry when they leave you 🙁

    • You won’t know until you ask really nicely 🙂

      I had a cat that attacked other kittens.. I mean moved so fast that you wouldn’t have thought it physically possible for her to move like that fast to attack them.. but when I had a chance to bring in another kitten I did all of the right things, went slow, did long intros, asked her nicely to accept the new cat, and she did. and when I started fostering she got a little pissy, but took it all in stride..

  4. Agreed, that flying kitten picture is amazing.

    They love pestering Grant for some reason. I guess he’s like the straight man, fun to poke.

    I love the pile of kittens when you nap but find it weird that they’re all over you at this time of year. Maybe because of their age or you’re a/c is better than mine but my cat doesn’t sleep on me until October or November.

    • Mine sleep on my year round and I live in FLORIDA! Even watching TV, I am spooned or laid on. I never ever feel lonely! 😉

    • When they gather around me like that, I might start out intending to just lay there and read, but it isn’t long before I’m snoozing right along with them!

      • You might as well, because you know that you CAN NOT disturb them…even if your leg went numb.

  5. I am so sorry to hear that Terra needs surgery. She looks so cute. You might however want to suggest to the owner that they spell “bowel” instead of “bowl” in the request for help (sorry but I am a stickler for spelling) because it just looks funny.

    For TBT, you KNOW my favorite litter has been Emmy’s. I miss Newberry and his siblings.

  6. Thanks for the spelling correction Holly. I was in a rush to get the page up and didn’t even notice!

    A special thanks to everyone that helped out! Please share the link on Facebook if you can to help spread the word.

    Robyn, a million thank you’s for posting my link on your blog! Love your kitties!!

  7. P.S. Oh, I forgot to mention how much I love the sweet nappers… so cute, against your kitty cat blanket 🙂

    • I actually bought that blanket thinking I’d cut it up and sew it into pads for the cat beds, but it’s so comfy and light that I couldn’t bring myself to do it. So I got it for the cats and kept it for me – which is something that NEVER happens!