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2012-07-10 (1)
In case you were worried, the Taters are getting puh-LENTY of cardboard in their daily diet. (Actually, they bite it off, shred it, and leave it on the floor for me to vacuum up. Aren’t they thoughtful?)

2012-07-10 (2)
They love to climb up the cedar scratching post, stand on the end of the bed, and watch the other kittens.

2012-07-10 (3)
Sisters, chilling.

2012-07-10 (5)
“Hallo, I am gorgeous.”

2012-07-10 (6)
I’m not sure why Stompers felt the need to lick my shirt but, y’know, whatever. Rock on, little man.

2012-07-10 (7)
I guess no one’s been chewing on Fianna’s whiskers – they are a sight to behold.

2012-07-10 (8)
Stompers attempts to pick a fight with one of the girls.

2012-07-10 (9)
Pouting because I told him to be nice.

2012-07-10 (10)
Oh, his little profile kills me dead.

2012-07-10 (11)

2012-07-10 (12)
“Is time for the kissin’?”
It’s ALWAYS time for the kissin’, little Stomps.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2012-07-10 (13)
I don’t remember what happened here – I think Brandywine was letting them nurse, and then she was like “MAMA IS DONE” and got up and walked off, and they were all standing there with cartoon question marks over their little heads. “Wha’ happen?”

2012-07-10 (14)
“Lady, would like to go away from here. Please put me in the little room with the food I don’t have to share, and if there’s a gentleman caller like yesterday, so much the better. He was kind of shy.”

(FYI, Brandywine got a couple of hours with Tommy yesterday. Tommy was hanging out in Fred’s room and wasn’t inclined to leave, so I left him in there. It seemed to go okay. Brandywine is a pretty calm cat; she reminds me of Maggie.)

2012-07-10 (15)

2012-07-10 (16)
“I am pining away for my mama.”

2012-07-10 (17)
Caspian is suddenly struck by a thought.
“It can be time for the snackin’?”

2012-07-10 (18)
It was time for the snackin’.

Then from outside the door came a loud noise. The noise of a little orange kitty (Kennebec) climbing over the barrier.

2012-07-10 (19)
“I heard food in there! Let me in! I’m starving! LET ME IN!”

2012-07-10 (20)
Mr. Stripey went to investigate.
“Mister, what you want?”

2012-07-10 (21)
“I heard a can of food opening in there! Let me in! I’m dying of starvation!”

2012-07-10 (22)
“Dude, there’s no food in here. We ate it. Also, I don’t know how to work the door handle and couldn’t reach it even if I DID know how. Also also, you startled me and made me go ::floof::”

2012-07-10 (23)
“Let me in anyway! I know there’s gotta be crumbs left in the dish! You kids don’t know what it’s like to be hungry. That lady feeds you like 30 times a day. Out here in the real world, we’ve gotta hunt for our food and work for it! Sometimes we have to walk TEN FEET to get to a food bowl. It’s brutal!”

2012-07-10 (24)
“Give me your paw, mister! I’ll pull you through!”

(Coming tomorrow: the rest of the story, as told by Caspian!)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2012-07-10 (25)
Alice Mo vants to be alone.


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7-10-12 — 55 Comments

  1. Oh…you have to tell the story behind the clear packing tape on the door! 🙂

    Hello Alice! Haven’t seen you for a while!

    Dear Lord! I sure love me some Stompers!

    • One set of fosters – I don’t remember which – clawed at the door and started the paint peeling. There was that big spot, and I was afraid they’d keep peeling it in big pieces and then eat it, so I slapped the tape on the door. Classy, huh? 🙂 I keep saying that when the weather cools down and we’re between fosters, I’m going to strip and repaint that door. Of course, I said it last year too, and it hasn’t happened yet!

        • I keep waiting for them to discover that they can peel the tape off the door. I imagine that one day I’ll walk into the room with a kitten walking around with the tape stuck to his back, looking puzzled, like he’s thinking “I keep feeling like something’s stuck to my back, but I don’t SEE anything!” 😀

          • I had tacky cardboard stuck into plants because someone gave me a “gift” but that plant had been originally outside so it was full of some sort of gnat. I saw my cat walking oddly so I grabbed a hold of him, flipped him over and realized that he must have gotten into the plant and got the sticky board stuck to his stomach. Goofball!

      • I’m amazed they haven’t yet (peeled it off). One of my cats sits in my shower stall and licks and scratches and bites until she can get the caulking to come peeling out in strips. In other news, anyone in West Texas want to make a little bit of money? Must have shower-stall re-caulking skills.

      • Classy are the bits of cardboard I have taped to the floor under the doors of the bathrooms where I confine cats, visible in some of the pictures here: http://mello-cat.livejournal.com/81368.html About a year ago the mama of the litter I had really wanted out and she started shredding the bedroom carpet while confined in the bathroom. Recently I’ve had to do the same thing to the other bathroom upstairs. One day I want to get rid of all the wall-to-wall carpet in this house…

  2. Haha, I love the Stripey story, particuarly the moment he goes ‘Floof!’. We call that going ‘Poff!’, and one of our girls does it so brilliantly, because she’s medium haired, and quite timid by nature, so she seems to get a surprise off her reflection/shopping bags/the tv/anything 🙂

  3. I’m glad to hear sweet Brandywine is keeping some calories for herself. She’s still so thin! I know you’re giving her tons of food, Robyn, but I still wish there was a way to get more food into her faster! She looks healthy, though, so I would be better off just relaxing about it all!

    And Stompers was grooming you! That means he likes you!


    • The weight’s going on ever so slowly – I’ll give her as much to eat as she wants, but she likes to change up the rules on me. One day she likes the shredded stuff, the next day she’s a pate girl – and she never warns me in advance. She likes to keep me guessing! 🙂

  4. I can’t help but think what a wonderful treat this is for the person who is adopting Stompers. (so sorry I cannot remember the name of the adopter). Unless you are lucky enough to have the kitty when it is a little monkey you usually don’t get to know anything about their babyhood. So it is all a blank until they come into your life. Stompers’ mom will have a photobook from that very first photo of him as a sad little mess. I was thinking about way back at the beginning when you thought maybe he would not make it. Now he has his own kingdom and adoring fans. Amazing what a little love and security and snacks can do. Well done Robyn. There is a special place in Heaven for you. And Fred of course!

  5. “Sometimes we have to walk TEN FEET to get to a food bowl.” Life is so hard little man.

  6. I love the narrations you create to go along with your pictures – they are so funny. Was wondering if Stompers tries to nurse on Brandywine too and if so, does she let him?

    • He hasn’t, because they’re in separate rooms. Brandywine and the kids are in the upstairs foster room, and Stompers, Kennebec, Agata and Fianna are in the downstairs guest bedroom (well, and out in the house during the day.) so he hasn’t actually come face to face with her yet.

  7. Love that thlurp picture of Stompers. For some reason it reminds me of Calvin (in Calvin & Hobbes) just as he’s planning something devious… 🙂

  8. Robyn, I would like to request a “LIKE” button next to each picture! ;-D

    “Hallo, I’m gorgeous”… OMG she is SOOOO beautiful, Agata, right? Imagine the Corbie/Agata babies… yeah, I know, enough babies already, but they both have a good amount of brown in their black gray tabbyness ~ just think of the beauty!

  9. Ooooh! A cliffhanger! I can’t wait for tomorrow’s exciting conclusion 🙂

    Serious question for you: What do you do with a kitten who dive-bombs the litter box while you are cleaning it?? (attacking the scoop, its contents, rolling in the litter, and jumping in the plastic sack I’m putting the waste into) I show up with the scoop and it’s PARTY TIME!!! He canNOT be dissuaded (at least through any method I’ve tried so far)

    • Oh, Norland (General Grumpy) was fond of doing that – he considered the scoop his own personal enemy! I used to pick him up and hold him with one hand while scooping with the other. It wasn’t ideal, but it worked. I’d also wait ’til their snack time, when they were gathered around the plate eating, so he’d be busy eating and I could scoop in peace. 🙂

    • I love how often kittens try to re-bury when I’m scooping as if to say – HEY! I buried that for a REASON you know! When I get kitties like that I often joke I’m scooping up buried treasure.

      Try feeding then scooping so your kitty is eating while you are scooping. I find that often gets me a half a moment of peace to do what needs to be done..

      • Yeah, I do that too. My favorite part is where he buries himself in the clean litter. It’s like a kid at the beach!

          • Yeah, WHAT is that? Mine watches me clean out the clumps, stands there and watches… and then as soon as I’m finished, gently steps in and makes it hers again! Can’t we enjoy a little clean???

    • seriously, he’s got a line of bodies behind him. The police are going to have to interview Kirstin several times before they realize it’s all Stomper’s fault (and Kirstin are you keeping the name Stompers or are you going with his official name or something completely different?)

      • She said in an earlier comment that she’s going to keep both names, Cicero and Stompers. Which I think is awesome.

  10. I’m so glad your kitties are getting their cardboard quotient in.. I know it can be hard when they play in it and turn it over so they can’t get to chewable bits.. at least that is what happens over here all too often.

    • I think you’re right, Andrea, I think that getting your fiber from several different sources is the healthiest way to do it! 🙂

  11. Great post today Robyn! I can’t wait till tomorrow to hear the end of the story. The Stompers whisker profile picture is awesome. Such a mess of cuteness!

  12. Hi Robyn – I’ve been reading you for years, and love reading about your kitties. Since you’ve been saying that adoptions are slow at this time of year, I decided to do my part. We went to a local rescue (Cat Welfare) and adopted a gorgeous gray tabby. Our other two cats aren’t too sure about this situation, but the little one seems to be right at home! (He’s in the spare bedroom at the minute.) I hope this sends good luck to your babies who are waiting to be adopted too!

  13. I’ve been laughing and laughing over the Kennebec and Sir Stripey Pants series ALL DAY LONG…!!! The floof-ing!! The pleading paw under the door!! The wee orange heinie in the last picture!!

  14. Stompers sulking is GORGEOUS! that pout surely earned him kisses? How old is he now, anyway? he still has blue eyes. And ‘give me your paw mister…’ excellent captioning as usual. you spoil us, robyn. 🙂 and poor little wellington pining, pining, slipping to the floor he is so weak. hilarious!

  15. Stompers has captured so many hearts. I hope you told Kristin that one condition of adoption is frequent and detailed updates…ya did, didn’t you??