I took the kittens to the vet for their rabies shots yesterday. When I walked in, I said “Just so you know, these kittens aren’t friendly at all. They’re pretty wild.” and the vet assistant looked worried, and she said “Do they scratch?”

I said, “They don’t really scratch, they just kind of hiss and growl and flail around a lot.”

“Oh great,” she said, and opened the carrier. She reached in to grab Gilligan, and they hissed and backed up, and she withdrew her hand. “They’re YOUR fosters,” she said. “I think YOU should get them out!”

I reached in and grabbed Maryanne, who hissed and flailed, but once I got her out and was holding her by the nape of the neck, she just looked angry. They all got weighed and got their shots, and then were happy to be back in their carrier, huddled together and full of hatred.

In a few hours I’ll be running Tina Louise to the pet store, and hopefully someone will fall in love with her goofy little face and her beauty mark and adopt her immediately.

Fingers crossed!

Gilligan in the hammock.

“I am highly suspicious of your intentions, lady.”

Mister Suspicious and the Lovebug.

* * *

I got this little stair thingy on eBay from the same people I got the cat tree from, and I put it in front of the window next to my desk in the computer room. See, there used to be a recliner there, and Spot liked to lay on the back of the recliner and look out the window, but we moved the recliner to the front room and so Spot’s been hanging out there instead. So I saw this stair thingy and thought it would be perfect for Spot, because he’s old and doesn’t move as easily as he used to. Only, Spot could NOT be less interested in it; instead, Tommy and Mister Boogers fight for dominance of the stair thingy. They like to snooze on the top step and sometimes dig through the trash and see if there’s anything interesting.

Why he doesn’t just go to the front porch to stay dry, I don’t know.


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