I started my day yesterday fifteen feet up in the air, hanging onto a ladder for dear life while Fred called encouragement, trying to grab Tommy from the tree limb where he’d set up house.

It was quite a way to start the day, lemmetellya.

Directly afterward, we went to Lowe’s and bought some stuff to make it impossible for Tommy and Sugarbutt to climb the tree anymore. You’d think that the SoftPaws would prevent them from climbing, but you’d think wrong. I guess all they need is their back claws to get them up the tree, and use their front paws for holding on.

The worst part of the whole experience was finally getting hold of Tommy and starting to climb down the fence, and Tommy losing his mind, clawing at me, getting free, and leaping onto the ground from about ten feet up. He was perfectly fine, but I thought I was going to have a heart attack.


* * *

I was supposed to take Tina Louise to the pet store on Saturday, but Friday afternoon the shelter manager realized that none of them had had their rabies shots yet.

So Tina Louise got a reprieve and got lots of snuggles this weekend. I’m taking them all to have their rabies shots this afternoon, then Tina Louise will be going to the pet store tomorrow. I hope she gets adopted before next Monday, because I would HATE seeing her little monkey face in that cage.

Also going to the vet’s this afternoon will be Sugarbutt. Not only is he due for his yearly checkup and shots, we found a raw-looking spot on his neck over the weekend that looks an awful lot like it could be ringworm (pleasegoddontletitberingworm), so he needs to have that looked at.

I suspect that it will be a FUN drive to the vet, with the kittens looking terrified and Sugarbutt looking terrified, and having to hold Sugarbutt down (the cat don’t take too kindly to strangers) so the vet can look at him, and trying to hold the kittens down so they can get their shots.

Why do I get to have all the fun, I ask you?

* * *

The Sugs in question. You’ll note a bare-ish patch on his arm. I don’t know what’s up with that, either. I thought it might be a grooming thing, but he’s got a patch like that behind his ear as well, so I don’t know. Hopefully the vet will!


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