7-10-09 – Creed, Dwight & Phyllis.

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Say goodbye to Creed, Dwight, and Phyllis, who are off to the pet store, hopefully to be adopted quickly! We’ve certainly gotten attached to the little monkeys, and they’ve really made themselves at home. They really like hanging out with us in the evening when we’re watching TV. Hopefully they’ll be adopted quickly by people who’ll be able to tell right away what sweetie pies they are!

2009-07-10 (10)
“I wonder if she noticed I was SLEEPING before she started up with that flashy thing?”

2009-07-10 (6)
At the sight of such a large supply of pristine cardboard, Phyllis can barely contain herself!

2009-07-10 (7)

2009-07-10 (8)

2009-07-10 (9)
She finishes off her meal with a chomp of Creed’s neck.

2009-07-10 (5)
“Hey! Guys! I don’t wanna brag or nothin’, but did you notice I’m in the box??”

2009-07-10 (4)
Junk mail inspectors Creed and Dwight check my recycling box to be sure I’m doing it right.

2009-07-10 (3)

2009-07-10 (2)
Dwight curls up in the bucket with the latest copy of In Style. It’s what all the stylish kittens are reading!

2009-07-10 (1)
Creed knocked over the trash can in the bathroom and hung out there for a few hours. He likes to curl up in the oddest places.


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7-10-09 – Creed, Dwight & Phyllis. — 3 Comments

  1. Bye boys. Bye sweet little girl. I hope you find your perfect home.

    Gosh, I’ll miss that little piece of cute marmalade on my breakfast (I can’t start my day without checking your new posts…) Not to mention the dark chololate and the milk ‘n’ cereals…

    Once again, happy thoughts to their (and of course your) general direction.